Name of Very Strange Scandinavian Film?

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Name of Very Strange Scandinavian Film?

Postby mlepage » Thu Jun 12, 2003 6:37 pm

I saw the second half of a film by a Scandinavian (perhaps Dutch) director on a late night PBS foreign film slot, perhaps around 1991.

It had almost no dialogue, and was extremely strange, I'm not even sure what was happening. It was like some weird cross between Kafka and Monty Python. Let me try to describe what I remember.

The main character seemed to be trapped in some sort of empty sanitarium, running around. He wore a suit and was myopic. Cannonballs seemed to fall randomly from the sky. At one point he was being chased by a stuffed animal tied to a string tied to his foot, struggling with it on the ground.

Eventually, he found his cracked eyeglasses, and things seemed better for a short while, before he lost them again. Orderlies came and took him. I think he hung himself in the end.

If this doesn't sound familiar, you haven't seen it! I still can't forget it. I just didn't catch the name of it. Anybody?

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