scandinavian hi-jack film title?

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scandinavian hi-jack film title?

Postby polsen76 » Sat Jun 21, 2003 11:04 am

On a flight from Chicago to Copenhagen (on Scandinavian Airlines) last november, I was flicking through the inflight film channels, and was amazed to find myself watching a subtitled film about a bunch of guys stealing off in a Scandinavian Airlines plane! I missed the first half, but I think they'd committed a huge robbery & this was their gettaway. Police vans were all over the runway, but when the hijackers finally got the plane off the ground, they just flew right through them all, slicing them in 2 with the wings... Think they ended up in an under water struggle (?) -I think I dozed off! Anyway, I appreciate this is a longshot, but it'd be great to find out what it was called... Cheers, Phil.

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