Girl raised by wolves whose hair turns white when mad

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Girl raised by wolves whose hair turns white when mad

Postby smurfrevolt » Mon Aug 04, 2003 11:57 pm

i posted this same query in another topic, but they suggested "bride with white hair." but i'm pretty sure this movie i'm looking for was made before 1993. I was born in 1982, and i watched that flick before i even went to school, so let's say i was four years old, so it must be before 1993, right? perhaps before 1986...anyway, i'll describe a scene i remember. there's a baby raised by wolves, white ones, and when she grew up, she went down from the mountian to join human civilization. the first thing she does is go to a restaurant and order lots of food, but being a penniless mountain wolf-girl, she doesn't have much money, and the restaurant ppl beat her and all, but she gets really mad, (or perhaps as a defense) her hair turns white and she becomes really strong and fights them off. I'm not sure if it's chinese or japanese, but i guess it's chinese because of the the clothes. then she meets a guy who's bent on revenge on some castle. and she helps him. I remember they were making spears out of bamboo sticks.
So if this film is familiar to you, please help.Thanks a lot.

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