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I need Wong Kar-wai's e-mail.

PostPosted: Mon Aug 11, 2003 6:53 am
by smurfrevolt
or any way to contact him, because a Filipino director here, named Erik Matti practically ripped off his movie, "In the Mood for Love," only he made some changes--like the girl was a prostitute and the guy was a pimp. Imagine that, some scenes/sequences had almost the same scoring, lighting, cinematography, shots, the angles, as well as the story, and the plot. The title is "Prosti" starring a sexy starlet named Aubrey Miles and a porn actor, Jay Manalo. Apparently, no self-respecting scholar of film would watch this sort of film so the director if this rip-off thought he wouldn't get caught. well, yeah, apparently...I myself haven't watched all of it, but a friend of mine has... and he just finds it all very--uhm, laughable that nobody else seems to have noticed it. But then, the audience for this type of movie, some of the senseless porn that is churned out of the Philippines, isn't exactly the type to watch Wong Kar-wai films. well, excuse my friend for being an audience to both, but at least he noticed this injustice to Wong Kar-Wai. I'm not sure I'll be accomplishing anything with this but I just want him to know so he could sue that director who can't think of a decent story by himself. I mean, it's OK to be influenced by something but not to copy it in the exact way, and even with a few changes it's still obvious. Right?

so please, if anybody knows how to contact Wong Kar-Wai...thanks a lot.