Need a name of Film and maybe magazine article....

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Need a name of Film and maybe magazine article....

Postby SPYDER872 » Tue Oct 07, 2003 6:14 am

I was reading one of my numeruous film magazines (could have been premiere,movieline, or some other independent film mag) but it had a whole bunch of odd foreign and independent films. One that caught my eye that I wanted to see (but stupidly forgot to write down) was about I think, a gay midget undertaker who falls in love with his boss. I believe it was a german movie. If anyone knows the name of this movie or even the magazine it was in so I can go get myself a copy of it again (I believe the good girl was featured in it too) I would be more than happy...things like these drive me nuts especially since my other movie friends dont dig as deep into film as me. Thank you in advance!


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