Does anyone know one of these movies?

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Does anyone know one of these movies?

Postby nina* » Sat Oct 18, 2003 3:50 am

I think I've seen all three of these at least 10 years ago. In the first one a nice man starts to grow wings (I think it starts with the man leaning on a fence), to get rid of them he starts behaveing bad (witch he does in a ship at one point) and grows horns. I think this one was in english. The second movie is about a man who falls in love with a girl who lives in a poster, In one scene he visits the girls family inside the poster & I think the poster vanishes in some point. this movie might have been Italian(?), at least I don't think it was in english. The third movie is about a (not very strong minded) man with a horrid (& very strong minded) wife, witch he leaves(?) for a much nicer female. Think this movie might have been based on one of Isaac Singers books. I think there was a scene with the man glueing a tupee on his head (& one in a train). I don't think this one was in english either. -Anyone?

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