Mexico City, 4 teenagers, an abandoned house...sound familiar? Read!

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Mexico City, 4 teenagers, an abandoned house...sound familiar? Read!

Postby missdanelle » Tue Dec 23, 2003 4:16 pm

I saw this movie over a year ago at 2am, and it has stuck with me. I cannot, for the life of me, think of the title of the film.

It's based in Mexico City (I believe) around 4 teenagers. The majority of the film is in Spanish w/ subtitles, but there are parts in English.
The movie shows the relationship of the teenagers, more like they are coming to the age of discovery…emotionally, sexually, etc. The main character is a young boy, who’s mother is always away on business, and he is being raised by a nanny whom, we ultimately find out is molesting him. While that story line surges, we also see the other teen’s lives and their inner struggles. I think one girl’s parents are on the verge of divorce (?) another has an eating problem, and the other male (the American boy) has a drug problem (?). Honestly, I could be very off with the supporting characters storylines.
There’s an old abandoned house these kids find, and the lead boy ends up living there, in escape from his nanny.

That is the skeleton. I saw this film the summer of 2002, on IFC (I think). I was on the verge of sleep at 2am or so when the film began. I think the title scene grabbed my attention. I had no intention to watch the entire thing, but I simply couldn’t turn off the TV and go to sleep. I stayed up through the whole thing, and made it a point to remember the title. I woke up the next morning, went to work, and completely forgot the title. Now, here I am, over one year later, racking my brain, reading through random reviews, trying to find this damn film.

Can anyone help me!?

Please, if this sounds familiar to you, please, please, please email me @ and let me know. I will be eternally grateful!

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