Trying to find the name of this film!

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Trying to find the name of this film!

Postby Desperate4Title » Sat May 09, 2009 3:35 pm

I watched a movie a few times on Cinemax at night (it was either French or Italian). It starred this older red headed woman. She was this little boys stepmom. In the scenes I remember the little boy of 12 or so drops a fork under the dining room table and while the parents chat he slowly works his way to looking up and even attempting to run his hand up the mom's skirt before she scolds him. Later he walks in on her during a bubble bath and she has him stay and scrub her back, and front before he gets scared and jets. The last scene I remember she goes to tuck him in and give him a kiss. At the last possible second he turns towards her locks lips and frech kisses her before she struggles to pull away. I have wanted to know the title of that film for a decade or more now. Anyone have the slightest clue? It is one of the few movies from my past I have always searched for without knowing what I am searching for.

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