Turkish Film...what's it called???

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Turkish Film...what's it called???

Postby swish » Sun Aug 06, 2000 11:39 pm

Saw a great Turkish film - set in eastern turkey - a border is put through the middle of the town and separates 2 lovers. they sneak through the border and meet each other over the fence - eventually she gets caught and is imprisoned. Its a fabulously funny film but I missed the ending and I just have to know how it finished...can anyone help with a title???

Re: Turkish Film...what's it called???

Postby pre-tender2 » Sun Mar 09, 2003 8:58 am

hello. the film u saw is Propaganda by Sinan Cetin, u may find info about it from imdb.com if u have any other question about Turkish films my e-mail is pre-tender@mail.com see u bye Tuncay

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