What's The Name Of

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What's The Name Of

Postby Al » Fri Sep 08, 2000 12:58 pm

Please tell me the name and particulars of a movie (Austrailian cica 1980s,?) about a young boy who flys across a desert type terrain with a pilot in a small airplane......the plane crashes, the pilot is killed, the young boy survives the crash and wanders around with his life in the balance, the boy's father learns that the plane did not land at any airfield and starts a trace rescue search, he finally arrive in the area of where the plane crashed, and finds his son still alive but just about to be covered with the blowing sand.

I would like to see the movie again.

Re: What's The Name Of

Postby 4seam » Sat Sep 09, 2000 4:31 am

I'm sorry I can't think of the title,either. But if you are talking about same film, was a boy accompanied by his beloved dog after the crash? Was there a scene where his father who searches a boy on another plane drops message on thousands of flyers in desert? It was more than 20 years ago when I saw the film at my elementary school screening. I remember that the dog didn't get rescued (but a boy was) at the end I was very disappointed. Am I talking about same film?

Re: What's The Name Of

Postby Littlebears6 » Wed Sep 20, 2000 6:48 pm

Thanks for your help. I found out that the movie is "Lost In The Desert" and it was made in South Africa in 1970. Now I'm trying to contact the South Africa "Hollywood" whatever the name and wherever it is. I want to get the VHS video of it to see it again. Does anyone know if this South African movie is in the American video distribution system. Any help I can get will be appreciated.

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