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looking for "Men of Aran"

PostPosted: Sat Sep 09, 2000 5:40 pm
by Enya
Does anybody know where I can get a copy of a film called "Men of Aran". It was made in Ireland many years ago and is about people from the Aran Islands off county Galway. I need the film for a project. I did once rent it from a store in Philadelphia, near South St. but I can't remember the name of the store and I no longer live in Philly.

Re: looking for "Men of Aran"

PostPosted: Sun Sep 10, 2000 3:11 pm
by acquarello
It is listed as "in stock" at Facets ( for $30. Search under "Robert Flaherty" or "Aran" and it will come up.


Re: looking for "Men of Aran"

PostPosted: Wed Jan 02, 2002 2:32 pm
by john-5
For anyone interested and who lives near enough (though any long-distance travellers especially welcome),Man of Aran will be screened on 21st January 2002 by Brecon Film Society (non-profit organisation, of course) at Brecon Coliseum Film Centre,Powys, Wales, at 7.30.p.m. (Preceded by the 20 minute Scottish short,Eriskay.)