Video Rentals

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Video Rentals

Postby hermes1la » Mon Sep 18, 2000 3:26 am

Does anyone know of any online video rental agency that specializes in foreign films?

Where can one rent the foreign films which are listed on this site?

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Re: Video Rentals

Postby jason-1 » Mon Sep 18, 2000 6:47 pm -- the best in the country.

Re: Video Rentals

Postby BEK » Mon Sep 18, 2000 11:50 pm

Poker Industries ( has a superb collection of Hong Kong, Chinese, and Japanese DVD's and VCD's. They don't have VHS, but they have unbelievably fair prices - like $16 for a DVD straight from Hong Kong. Great stuff, and good email support.

Highly recommend.


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