Name of Film about China

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Name of Film about China

Postby nathan » Tue Oct 17, 2000 11:47 pm

I may be recalling this movie wrong, but I think I saw it in college (sometime in the early 90's) and it is about a woman in china, around the tiem of the revolution, I cannot recall much about it except several scenes. There was a scene in a hospital where a baby was born in bad condition and and no one could help beacue all of the doctors were removed as they were educated. There was anotehr scene where shadow puppets acted out osme folklore. This movie was in the news a lot when it was released as it was banne d in chine. I really want to find this movie as I LOVED it and want to add it to my fledgling movie collection.


Re: Name of Film about China

Postby AY » Wed Oct 18, 2000 1:21 am

If it stars Gong Li, the movie you're talking about is TO LIVE! (1994), directed by Zhang Yimou. The plot mainly revolves around the life of an ex-gambling addict, his long-suffering wife and their two children. The film spans over three decades of Chinese Communist revolution. The husband becomes a puppeteer near the middle of the film and there is a traumatic hospital sequence near the end. This movie is available on video, if it is indeed the one you're looking for. Bye.

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