iitalian film about fictional pope?

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iitalian film about fictional pope?

Postby jjburns » Mon Dec 04, 2000 4:52 am

I need help finding a film that is about a fictional pope who feels that he has lost his way and leaves the Vatican dressed as a priest and experiences life among the people of Rome. He then befriends a young boy who takes the pope (dressed as a regular priest) to his village in the hills that has been quarantined for a supposed disease and is recieving gov't subsidies. What is really happening though is that the local mafia don't want to work and use the ruse of disease as a way to get the gov't aid so they don't have to work. Meanwhile, the cardinals at the Vatican aren't sure what to do. The actual pope calls them from the village and tells them that he will be away for a few days. The cardinals believe it would be scandalous not to know where the pope is and make excuses to the press until he comes back. The movie ends with the pope saving the town and feeling like he has actually done something concrete as pope. I believe the film to have been made on location in Italy and believe, although I can't be sure, that it is in Italian with English subtitles. I first saw the film sometime between 1980 and 1990 on video.
If anyone knows the title please let me know.

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