What's the name of this film?

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What's the name of this film?

Postby margie » Mon Apr 16, 2001 3:34 pm

Thirty-five years ago, I saw a movie on television (it was probably filmed in the '40s or '50s), and all I can remember is the last scene. The movie takes place somewhere in Europe (possibly Italy) during World War II. At the end of the film, a woman is walking along a dirt road with many other people. All around them are ruins. It's a hot summer day. The woman is wearing a kerchief on her head and her clothes are ragged. As she walks, her son, from whom she has been separated, appears on the scene. I don't remember if she sees him or if he sees her. But at some point, one sees the other and calls out. There is a tearful reunion, and the movie ends.

Re: What's the name of this film?

Postby Wildlyfer » Wed Apr 25, 2001 6:59 pm

Has to be Sophia Loren in it......

Re: What's the name of this film?

Postby katsuben » Thu Apr 26, 2001 5:50 am

In THE CRANES ARE FLYING (Mikhail Kalatozov, 1957), though I haven't seen all of it, there is a scene with a woman and a soldier meeting in a field -- very dramatic, charged by an extraordinary crane shot soaring across a field of long grass. I doubt it's the film you're looking for, but the imagery you describe seems similar.

Re: What's the name of this film?

Postby lcoop14 » Sat Nov 17, 2001 12:02 am

Possibly,"Two Women" with Sophia Loren.

Re: What's the name of this film?

Postby mrstibs » Mon Mar 25, 2002 2:30 pm

Just to be sure I checked the site on Mongomery Clift. As I suspected, the movie you refer to is THE SEARCH, made in 1948. I too, first saw this many years ago and was struck by it, even as a kid..

Re: What's the name of this film?

Postby zoe » Sat Apr 20, 2002 5:55 am

Odd. I, too, saw this movie as a child on tv, loved it, and always forget it's name! We are always searching for "The Search" - how interesting.

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