Movie about German occupation of French Village in WWII

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Movie about German occupation of French Village in WWII

Postby michael-1 » Thu May 03, 2001 3:01 pm

I saw this movie years ago... Two German soldiers are garrisoned in a small French Village during WWII and live in near harmony with the citizens. They play boce ball, eat and drink together, share stories and wish for peace. There is a youthful bicycle rider (who I think is training for the Tour de France after the war). This bicycle rider is also a courier for the French Resistance which is active in the area. Since the German soldiers have no interest in the war - preferring to let it pass them by - and no real power to stop the resistance, the resistance tolerates the "occupation" of their town.

With the advancement of the allies after D-Day, things turn sour - eventually erupting into a full scale battle in the town square between the two German soldiers and the towns people/resistance. Dire consequences ensue - especially for the bicycle rider who tries to stop the fighting.

Does anybody know the name of the film and if VHS copies are available? I think it was B/W with English subtitiles.


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