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what is the name of this 1974 (?) dreamy Japanese movie? HELP!

PostPosted: Fri Jul 06, 2001 9:07 am
by applerobot
I recently saw a movie on TV in japan. It was on late at night and amazing, possibly the most beautiful movie Ive ever seen. I started watching it half way through and perhaps I missed a lot of the story. It was very dreamy with minimal conversation - about a girl and boys (main characters) who have a very bizarre relationship. Becuase of the very choppy narrative, I didnt understand exactly what the story was about. Almost like he was a stalker and he held her captive in his apartment. She ran away back to an Island and he followed and perhaps ultimately killed her. A lot of the movie was made up of dream sequences from the girl (who was a school girl perhaps? returning home perhaps?). I saw the Kanji at the end of it and the only two i recognised were the kanji for "woman" and something something "island". Perhaps the Japanese name has something to do with these words, but i dont know if theres an english title. I would love to see this movie again because it was very beautiful. If you know the name or know where i can get it, please let me know: