Films by Women: a Canon

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Films by Women: a Canon

Postby kenji » Sun Apr 12, 2009 8:13 am

Adler: Under the Skin

Akerman: All Night Long
The Captive
Jeanne Dielman
Night and Day

Amaral: Hour of the Star

Armstrong: Little Women
My Brilliant Career

Arnold: Red Road

Arzner: Dance, Girl, Dance

Bani-Etemad: Nargess
Under the Skin of the City

Benning: It Wasn't Love

Bigelow: Near Dark
Point Break
Strange Days

Borden: Working Girls

Breillat: A Ma Soeur
The Last Mistress

Campion: An Angel at my Table
The Piano

Caro: Whale Rider

Caviani: The Night Porter

Chytilova: Daisies

Clarke: Connections
Cool World

Coixet: My Life without Me

Coppola: Lost in Translation
The Virgin Suicides

Dash: Daughters of the Dust

Denis: Beau Travail
The Intruder

Davaa: Cave of the Yellow Dog
Story of the Weeping Camel*

Deren: At Land
Meshes of the Afternoon

Despentes, Trin Thi: Baise-Moi

Di Nata: Arisan

Dorrie: Men

Dulac: The Seashell and the Clergyman
The Smiling Madame Beudet

Duras: India Song
Les Mains Négatives

Edzard: Little Dorrit

Enyedi: My Twentieth Century

Faris: Little Miss Sunshine

Farrokhzad: The House is Black*

Ferran: Lady Chatterley

Gomez: One Way or Another

Gorris: Antonia's Line
A Question of Silence

Greenwald: Songcatcher

Guy: La Fée aux Choux (and other shorts)

Hadzihalilovic: Innocence*

Harron: American Psycho

Heckerling: Clueless
Fast Times at Ridgemont High

Hogg: Unrelated

Holland: Europa Europa
Olivier Olivier
The Secret Garden

Huang Shuqin: A Soul Haunted by Painting

Hui: Boat People
Song of the Exile

Huillet: Chronicle of Anna Magdalena Bach
Not Reconciled

Jaoui: Look at Me
The Taste of Others

Jong Jae-eun: Take Care of my Cat*

July: Me and You and Everyone We Know

Kawase: Forest of Mourning

Leaf: Metamorphosis of Mr Samsa
The Street

Link: Nowhere in Africa

Linkevitch: Traces

Loden: Wanda

Lupino: The Bigamist
The Hitch-hiker

Makhmalbaf: The Apple
At Five in the Afternoon
Two Legged Horse

Marshall: Awakenings

Martel: La Cienaga
The Headless Woman
The Holy Girl

Medeiros: The Captains of April

Mehta: Earth

Meshkini: The Day I Became a Woman

Meszaros: Adoption
A Diary for my Children

Meyers: Something's Gotta Give
What Women Want

Muratova: Asthenic Syndrome
Long Farewells

Nair: Monsoon Wedding
The Namesake
Salaam Bombay

Palcy: Rue Cases Negres

Peirce: Boys Don't Cry

Polley: Away from Her

Potter: Orlando

Rainer: Film about a Woman who

Ramsay: Morvern Callar

Raynal: Deux Fois

Reiniger: The Adventures of Prince Achmed
The Little Chimney Sweep

Riefenstahl: The Blue Light
Triumph of the Will

Romand: Mix Up

Rozema: I've Heard the Mermaids Sing

Sagan: Madchen in Uniform*

Sanders-Brahms: Germany, Pale Mother

Scherfig: Italian for Beginners

Shepitko: The Ascent

Shortland: Somersault

Shub: The Fall of the Romanoff Dynasty

Solntseva: Enchanted Desna
Poem of the Sea

Taymor: Frida

Tlatli: The Season of Men
Silences of the Palace*

Trotta: The German Sisters
The Lost Honour of Katherina Blum
Rosa Luxemburg

Turner: Celia

Ullmann Faithless

Varda: The Beaches of Agnes
Le Bonheur
Cleo from 5 to 7
The Gleaners and I

Veysset: Will it Snow for Christmas?

Villaverde: A Idade Major

Wertmuller: Seven Beauties

Zheliazkova: The Attached Balloon
The Swimming Pool

other suggestions please
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Re: Films by Women: a Canon

Postby zivojin panahi » Mon Apr 13, 2009 8:13 am

Elaine May (Mickey & Nicky)

Sandrine Bonnaire (Sabine) , I haven't seen the film though, although the reviews
are good

from the Berliner Schule

Angela Schanelec (Passing Summer, Marseille)
Valeska Grisebach (Longing)

On a note: I just realized that some directors with female-sounding
names aren't female at all. Examples: Idrissa Ouedraogo, Flora Gomes,
Karen Shakhnazarov :lol:
zivojin panahi
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Re: Films by Women: a Canon

Postby kenji » Mon Apr 13, 2009 12:02 pm

+ Carol Reed and Emanuele Crialese

Oh, May was an oversight, the others i don't know about.
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