Best Films of the 70s

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Re: Best Films of the 70s

Postby A » Thu Sep 27, 2007 12:53 am

Don't worry about the axpansiveness of your list. If these are all your favorites, it's a good sign

We started these threads to see what our members opinions of the very best films are. Of course this means that you should definitely limit yourself, but it completely depends on your concept of best/favorite. My own idea of a favorite film has changed this year significantly, so I've expanded the focus of my original list to not only include films I rated higher than 75 or 80, but also my personal favorites I don't rate as highly. I think you have similar criterias, so as long as you don't include every film you enjoyed it's alright. And anyway, you can keep changing your list over time, if you reasses a film after a rewatch.

So you finally watched Deep End? One Skolimowski I haven't seen yet. Was it as great as expected? I'm still hoping a DVD will be released in the future. And I'm glad your appreciation of the Eustache is growing, as well as seeing the two Tarkovsky's

I was worried that Offret had scared you off for a while Have you watched Solaris together with R6dw6C, and which of the two do you like more (my guess is Stalker). Anyway we need to talk more when I get back next week.

I've also expanded my own 70s list a bit to include more favorites. But I guess I'll have to rewatch a lot of the films yet another time with my new criteria. And your list also tells me I've seen far too little films from the 70s

Re: Best Films of the 70s

Postby arsaib4 » Thu Sep 27, 2007 2:23 am

The commentary track on Fingers' R1 is certainly a bonus.

Speaking of Skolimowski, he's wonderful in Eastern Promises, and so is everyone else.

Re: Best Films of the 70s

Postby A » Fri Sep 28, 2007 3:08 am

Ok, now I HAVE to see it

Re: Best Films of the 70s

Postby wpqx » Fri Sep 28, 2007 4:39 am

I tried to see it yesterday, but my directionally challenged friend couldn't find the theater, and since it was four hours away from my home I had no idea.

Re: Best Films of the 70s

Postby A » Tue Oct 02, 2007 2:30 am

Watched Castellari's wonderful Keoma (1976) last week, and though it didn't make it into my "best" list from the 70s it is an impressive movie. I especially enjoyed some of its technical aspects, like the slow 180 degree pan and the perfectly integrated flashbacks of his childhood (especially his riding on a horse with his father in slo-mo!). The only "problem" was the irritating music with the fe/male singer and the lyrics. This film was shot in English, btw. It's great to listen to Franco Nero's Italian accent

Re: Best Films of the 70s

Postby Matalo Matango » Tue Oct 02, 2007 3:39 am

@ arsaib4
Thanks. Yes, especially Fat City seems to be sadly underrated and rather little known, even among fans of John Huston. And the exploration of italian genre cinema is well worth the experience. Beside the maestros Mario Bava and Dario Argento I would recommend films like What have they done to your Daughters? or Hitch-Hike for a start into lesser known territories.

@ A
Yes, your new idea of best/favorite seems to be much closer to mine than your former concept was. And don't worry, I didn't include every film I enjoyed, if I had so, there probably would be quite a few hundered films more of this glorious decade on my list.
But possibly I nevertheless kick out a few films soon.

Yeah, Deep End was great, though your expectations might be higher than mine were as I hadn't seen anything by Skolimowski before. But this one definitively made me curious about his other works. At the moment he seems to prepare an adaptation of Susan Sontags "In America" with Isabelle Huppert and Helen Mirren - sounds very promising.

In the meantime we've already discussed the two Tarkovskys personally (I was very impressed by both of them rather equally), and yes, there's definitively a lot to discover in cinema of the 70s and I will also continue my explorations.

And don't say anything against the perhaps a bit strange, but wonderful music in Keoma.
Matalo Matango

Re: Best Films of the 70s

Postby arsaib4 » Tue Oct 02, 2007 8:54 pm

A/wpqx: I hope you guys do get to Eastern Promises. I think it's as lean and taut as A History of Violence; every moment in the film is accounted for.

M.M.: I couldn't agree more regarding Fat City. It's been underrated for a long time. I suggested it to wpqx a while back, who's a Huston fan for sure, but I don't believe he was as enthusiastic about it. May need to write about the film in order to have him reconsider it.

Will definitely pay attention to your and R6dw6C's list(s) for Italian films. And that Skolimowski project sounds promising indeed!

Re: Best Films of the 70s

Postby A » Tue Oct 02, 2007 9:33 pm

It looks like I'm waiting for the new Skolimowski for ages already... Hope the original cast (with also Hopper, Huppert and Jennifer Jason Leigh! ) will materialize. As long as it doesn't take as long as the new Carax

I need more Cronenberg, and after my re-watch of The Maltese Falcon I might become a huuuge John Huston fan when i lay my hands on more of his work. Too bad I missed the retrospective of his work in the Slovenian Cinematheque (which also included Fat City).

And R6dw6C has also promised to talk with me personally because of my Keoma remarks

Re: Best Films of the 70s

Postby R6dw6C » Wed Oct 03, 2007 2:24 am

Finally, I got time to response Matalos great list which on one hand surprisingly often accords to my own (do we speak italian? ) but on the other reminded me that I've seen far too few films of the New Hollywood movement. Fortunately, I now know who to ask for help.

A few of the films listed surprised me a lot, especially titles like Fulcis "Sette note in nero", "Klute", "Hitch-hike" (!!!) or Cassavetes' "Opening night" (which I really need to see) but overall, the list confirms your excellent taste! Hope you will share "Deep end" with A and me soon as we are both dying to see it since a long time...
It would be a real pity if Skolimowski won''t find producers who are willing to finance "America" but it seems rather dark as the whole project is said to be in pre-production for such a long time now without anything happening.

After A, you and me included "Red sun" on our lists, some of the others could be interested in Thome's masterpiece now, I hope.

@ arsaib:

"Eastern Promises" will probably be the last (hopefully) masterpiece I will see in the theaters 2007 as the german release date has been postphoned to December the 27th two weeks ago. It's so great to watch Cronenberg forming his complex vision further and further since 30 years now without getting soft, pleasing and too "mainstreamy". Still, I've seen too few of his films but I would already consider him as one of the most interesting and headstrong american directors working today.

@ A:

We'll have time to discuss "Keoma" together with Matalo on our ride to Karlsruhe, I guess. And your shocking post on Leones "Once upon a time in the west"! Btw, we should rewatch John Hustons wonderful "The man who would be King" and "African Queen" together as I noticed how much I liked every Huston I saw in the past and we possibly could have a little, rare consensus about him.

@ wpqx and A:

Guess I have to watch "Fat City" now, even if it is one of Godard's favourites.

Re: Best Films of the 70s

Postby Matalo Matango » Wed Oct 03, 2007 11:46 pm

@ arsaib4
Would be great if you could write about Fat City, the film definitely deserves more attention. I'd like to write about it myself, but my english isn't good enough for a detailed review and it's two or three years since I've seen the film.

@ A & R6dw6C
Yeah, watching some Huston stuff together seems to be a good idea as I also liked nearly every film of him I saw very much (except the rather weak Prizzi's Honor). I considered The Man Who Would Be King (it's a long time since I've seen it) and The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean for my 70s list, and liked African Queen and The Unforgiven, but my favorites are The Treasure of the Sierra Madre, The Maltese Falcon and The Asphalt Jungle. And, of course, Fat City, which lead us to this little discussion.

@ R6dw6C
Yes, our lists often correspond to each other, especially the italian part of them
Why did Klute and Hitch-Hike surprise you? Have you seen them? I think you would like both very much, but maybe I'm wrong.
And you should definitely watch more New Hollywood, I consider it one of the most interesting and fascinating periods in american (and world) cinema and could imagine that you would agree on that if you see more films of it.
Matalo Matango


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