My 1001 favourite films

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My 1001 favourite films

Postby jcdavies » Thu Dec 13, 2007 5:51 pm

up to 2007, with Floating Clouds, Travelling Players and I Was Born But top of my must-see list, and The Attached Balloon as the wild card i imagine to be wonderful (no less for the tiny clip i've now seen). Asterisks mark favourites.

1895 Arrival of a Train (Lumiere bros)

1901 Man with the Rubber Head (Melies)

1902 A Trip to the Moon (Melies)
The Lost World of Mitchell and Kenyon

1906 Dream of a Rarebit Fiend (Porter)

1913 Fantomas (Feuillade)

1914 Twilight of a Woman's Soul (Bauer)
A Child of the Big City (Bauer)

1915 Les Vampires (Feuillade)*
Daydreams (Bauer)

1916 Intolerance (Griffith)

1918 Tih Minh (Feuillade)
A Dog's Life (Chaplin)

1919 Broken Blossoms (Griffith)
The Cabinet of Dr Caligari (Wiene)

1920 One Week (Cline, Keaton)
The Golem (Wegener)

1921 The Goat (Keaton)
The Kid (Chaplin)
The Phantom Carriage (Sjostrom)
Manhatta (Strand)

1922 Nosferatu (Murnau)**
Nanook of the North (Flaherty)

1923 Our Hospitality (Keaton, Blystone)
Die Nibelungen (Lang)
Safety Last (Newmayer, Taylor)
The Smiling Madame Beudet (Dulac)
Coeur Fidele (Epstein)
Le Retour a la Raison (Man Ray)

1924 Sherlock jnr (Keaton)*
Entr'acte (Clair)
The Navigator (Keaton)
Ballet Mcanique (Leger)
Gosta Berling's Saga (Stiller)
The Thief of Bagdad (Walsh)

1925 Battleship Potemkin (Eisenstein)**
The Gold Rush (Chaplin)**
Strike (Eisenstein)
The Big Parade (Vidor)
The Adventures of Prince Achmed (Reiniger)
Seven Chances (Keaton)
Master of the House (Dreyer)

1926 The General (Keaton, Bruckman)**
Faust (Murnau)
Town Rat, Country Rat (Starewicz)
Mother (Pudovkin)
Ben Hur (Niblo)
Mnilmontant (Kirsanov)

1927 Sunrise (Murnau)***
Metropolis (Lang)**
The Chess Player (Bernard)*
Girl with a Hatbox (Barnet)
Napoleon (Gance)
October (Eisenstein)
The Kid Brother (Wilde)
Seventh Heaven (Borzage)

1928 The Passion of Joan of Arc (Dreyer)*
Spies (Lang)*
Arsenal (Dovzhenko)*
The Seashell and the Clergyman (Dulac)
Queen Kelly (Von Stroheim)
Steamboat Bill Jnr (Keaton)
The Wind (Sjostrom)
Storm over Asia (Pudovkin)
The Cameraman (Sedgwick)
The Fall of the House of Usher (Epstein)
The Wedding March (Von Stroheim)

1929 Man with a Movie Camera (Vertov)**
Pandora's Box (Pabst)*
Un Chien Andalou (Bunuel)
Blackmail (Hitchcock)
Diary of a Lost Girl (Pabst)

1930 Salt for Svanetia (Kalatozov)*
L'Age d'Or (Bunuel)*
Morocco (Von Sternberg)*
People on Sunday (Siodmak, Ulmer)
All Quiet on the Western Front (Milestone)
Earth (Dovzhenko)

1931 City Lights (Chaplin)*
Madchen in Uniform (Sagan)*
M (Lang)*
Marius (Korda)
Le Million (Clair)
Tale of the Fox (Starewicz)
Frankenstein (Whale)
Tabu (Murnau)
Limite (Peixoto)
Monkey Business (Mcleod)
Public Enemy (Wellman)

1932 Boudu Saved from Drowning (Renoir)*
Trouble in Paradise (Lubistch)
Love me Tonight (Mamoulian)
Fanny (Allegret)
Shanghai Express (Von Sternberg)
Vampyr (Dreyer)
Que Viva Mexico (Eisenstein)
The Music Box (Parrott)
Grand Hotel (Goulding)
Freaks (Browning)
The Old Dark House (Whale)
The Most Dangerous Game (Schoedsack, Pichel)

1933 Duck Soup (McCarey)*
King Kong (Cooper, Schoedsack)*
The Testament of Dr Mabuse (Lang)*
Liebelei (Ophuls)
Sons of the Desert (Seiter)
Little Toys (Sun Yu)
Night on Bald Mountain (Alexeieff, Parker)
Daybreak (Sun Yu)
Footlight Parade (Bacon)
Dinner at Eight (Cukor)
Zro de Conduite (Vigo)
Betty Boop's Snow White (Fleischer)

1934 L'Atalante (Vigo)**
It Happened One Night (Capra)**
The Scarlet Empress (Von Sternberg)*
The Goddess (Wu Yonggang)*
The Mascot (Starewicz)
Happiness (Medvedkin)
Song of Ceylon (Wright)
It's a Gift (McLeod)
The Black Cat (Ulmer)
Twentieth Century (Hawks)
Dames (Enright)

1935 Top Hat (Sandrich)**
The 39 Steps (Hitchcock)*
David Copperfield (Cukor)*
The Devil is a Woman (Von Sternberg)*
Composition in Blue (Fischinger)*
Toni (Renoir)
Bride of Frankenstein (Whale)
A Night at the Opera (Wood)
Sylvia Scarlett (Cukor)

1936 Une Partie de Campagne (Renoir)**
The Only Son (Ozu)*
Swing Time (Stevens)*
Osaka Elegy (Mizoguchi)
Story of a Cheat (Guitry)
Csar (Pagnol)
Sisters of the Gion (Mizoguchi)
Le Crime de Monsieur Lange (Renoir)
Modern Times (Chaplin)
Rose Hobart (Cornell)
My Man Godfrey (La Cava)
Birth of the Robot (Lye)

1937 La Grande Illusion (Renoir)**
Humanity and Paper Balloons (Yamanaka)*
The Awful Truth (McCarey)
Pp le Moko (Duvivier)
Hotel du Nord (Carn)
Street Angel (Yuan Mushi)
You Only Live Once (Lang)
The Prisoner of Zenda (Cromwell)

1938 Alexander Nevsky (Eisenstein)**
Bringing up Baby (Hawks)*
The Childhood of Maxim Gorki (Donskoi)
La Bete Humaine (Renoir)
Quai des Brumes (Carn)
Jezebel (Wyler)
The Adventures of Robin Hood (Curtiz)
Holiday (Cukor)

1939 La Regle du Jeu (Renoir)***
Story of the Late Chrysanthemums (Mizoguchi)**
Gone with the Wind (Fleming)
Destry Rides Again (Marshall)
The Wizard of Oz (Fleming)
Le Jour se Leve (Carn)
The Hunchback of Notre Dame (Dieterle)
Wuthering Heights (Wyler)
The Roaring Twenties (Walsh)
Stagecoach (Ford)

1940 The Thief of Bagdad (Berger, Powell, Whelan)**
Fantasia (Disney- Sharpsteen)
Rebecca (Hitchcock)
Pinocchio (Disney- Sharpsteen, Luske)
The Grapes of Wrath (Ford)
The Well-Digger's Daughter (Pagnol)
The Great Dictator (Chaplin)
The Letter (Wyler)
Foreign Correspondent (Hitchcock)
Themis (Grant)
Ghost Breakers (Marshall)
Swinging the Lambeth Walk (Lye)

1941 Citizen Kane (Welles)**
The Maltese Falcon (Huston)**
Dumbo (Disney- Sharpsteen)*
The Lady Eve (P.Sturges)*

1942 Casablanca (Curtiz)**
To Be or Not to Be (Lubitsch)**
The Loyal 47 Ronin (Mizoguchi)*
The Magnificent Ambersons (Welles)
The Palm Beach Story (P.Sturges)
Cat People (Tourneur)
Bambi (Disney- Hand)
My Favourite Blonde (Lanfield)

1943 Day of Wrath (Dreyer)*
The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp (Powell,
I Walked with a Zombie (Tourneur)
The Seventh Victim (Robson)
Heaven can Wait (Lubitsch)
The Ox-Bow Incident (Wellmann)
Meshes of the Afternoon (Deren)

1944 Ivan the Terrible (Eisenstein)*
Double Indemnity (Wilder)*
Murder, my Sweet (Dmytryk)
Laura (Preminger)
The Princess and the Pirate (Butler)
A Canterbury Tale (Powell, Pressburger)
To Have and Have Not (Hawks)
Jammin' the Blues (Mili)
Ministry of Fear (Lang)
At Land (Deren)
Henry V (Olivier)

1945 Les Enfants du Paradis (Carn)**
Rome Open City (Rossellini)
The Battle of San Pietro (Huston)
Leave her to Heaven (Stahl)
Mildred Pierce (Curtiz)
Scarlet Street (Lang)
The Wicked Lady (Arliss)

1946 The Big Sleep (Hawks)**
It's a Wonderful Life (Capra)*
A Matter of Life and Death (Powell, Pressburger)*
Notorious (Hitchcock)*
La Belle et la Bete (Cocteau)*
Ivan the Terrible 2 (Eisenstein)*
Gilda (C.Vidor)
Great Expectations (Lean)
My Darling Clementine (Ford)
The Killers (Siodmak)
Paisa (Rossellini)
A Diary for Timothy (Jennings)
The Postman always Rings Twice (Garnett)

1947 Monsieur Verdoux (Chaplin)*
Black Narcissus (Powell, Pressburger)
The Lady from Shanghai (Welles)
The Ball at the House of Anjo (Yoshimura)
Quai des Orfevres (Clouzot)
Out of the Past (Tourneur)
The Ghost and Mrs Muir (Mankiewicz)

1948 Letter from an Unknown Woman (Ophuls)**
Spring in a Small Town (Fei Mu)*
The Red Shoes (Powell, Pressburger)*
Treasure of the Sierra Madre (Huston)
Portrait of Jennie (Dieterle)
Bicycle Thieves (De Sica)
Unfaithfully Yours (P.Sturges)
The Pirate (Minnelli)
Fallen Idol (Reed)
Force of Evil (Polonsky)
They Live by Night (N.Ray)
Inspirace (Zeman)
Fort Apache (Ford)
Hamlet (Olivier)
Fado, Historia de uma Cantadeira (Queiroga)

1949 Late Spring (Ozu)**
Kind Hearts and Coronets (Hamer)**
The Third Man (Reed)*
Stray Dog (Kurosawa)
White Heat (Walsh)
The Heiress (Wyler)
Begone Dull Care (Mclaren)
The Reckless Moment (Ophuls)
Les Enfants Terribles (Melville)
Gun Crazy (Lewis)
The Set-Up (Wise)

1950 Orphe (Cocteau)**
Sunset Boulevard (Wilder)*
The Flowers of St Francis (Rossellini)
Diary of a Country Priest (Bresson)
Rashomon (Kurosawa)
In a Lonely Place (N.Ray)
All about Eve (Mankiewicz)
The Asphalt Jungle (Huston)
Gone to Earth (Powell, Pressburger)
Wagonmaster (Ford)

1951 Early Summer (Ozu)*
Miss Oyu (Mizoguchi)*
Repast (Naruse)
The Lady from Musashino (Mizoguchi)
The Lavender Hill Mob (Crichton)
The River (Renoir)
Bellissima (Visconti)
The Day the Earth Stood Still (Wise)
A Place in the Sun (Stevens)
The Idiot (Kurosawa)
An American in Paris (Minnelli)
The African Queen (Huston)

1952 Singin in the Rain (Donen, Kelly)**
The Life of Oharu (Mizoguchi)**
Casque d'Or (Becker)**
The Quiet Man (Ford)*
Baiju Bawra (Bhatt)*
Le Plaisir (Ophuls)
Othello (Welles)
The Golden Coach (Renoir)
The Flavour of Green Tea over Rice (Ozu)
High Noon (Zinnemann)
Monkey Business (Hawks)
Forbidden Games (Clement)
The Crimson Pirate (Siodmak)
Neighbours (Mclaren)

1953 Tokyo Story (Ozu)***
The Band Wagon (Minnelli)**
Ugetsu Monogatari (Mizoguchi)**
Madame de (Ophuls)*
Voyage to Italy (Rossellini)*
A Geisha (Mizoguchi)
El (Bunuel)
White Mane (Lamorisse)
Roman Holiday (Wyler)
The Big Heat (Lang)
Duck Amuck (Jones)
Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (Hawks)
The Wages of Fear (Clouzot)
The Naked Spur (A. Mann)

1954 Sansho the Bailiff (Mizoguchi)***
Seven Samurai (Kurosawa)***
Senso (Visconti)*
Sound of the Mountain (Naruse)*
Johnny Guitar (N.Ray)*
Rear Window (Hitchcock)*
Chikamatsu Monogatari (Mizoguchi)
The Far Country (A.Mann)
Twenty Four Eyes (Kinoshita)
The Barefoot Contessa (Mankiewicz)
Hobson's Choice (Lean)

1955 Pather Panchali (S.Ray)**
Tales of the Taira Clan (Mizoguchi)**
Night of the Hunter (Laughton)**
Kiss me Deadly (Aldrich)**
Ordet (Dreyer)*
Lola Montes (Ophuls)*
East of Eden (Kazan)*
Yang Kwei Fei (Mizoguchi)
Smiles of a Summer Night (Bergman)
Rififi (Dassin)

1956 The Searchers (Ford)**
A Man Escaped (Bresson)*
Aparajito (S.Ray)*
Early Spring (Ozu)*
The Court Jester (Panama, Frank)*
Street of Shame (Mizoguchi)
Kanal (Wajda)
The Killing (Kubrick)
Bob le Flambeur (Melville)
The Burmese Harp (Ichikawa)
Giant (Stevens)

1957 Tokyo Twilight (Ozu)*
Twelve Angry Men (Lumet)*
Paths of Glory (Kubrick)*
Throne of Blood (Kurosawa)
Funny Face (Donen)
The Cranes are Flying (Kalatozov)
The Seventh Seal (Bergman)
Pyaasa (Dutt)
The Incredible Shrinking Man (Arnold)
Bridge on the River Kwai (Lean)
What's Opera, Doc? (Jones)
Mirror Animations (H.Smith)
3:10 to Yuma (Daves)

1958 Vertigo (Hitchcock)**
Hidden Fortress (Kurosawa)*
Touch of Evil (Welles)
The Music Room (S.Ray)
The Magician (Bergman)
Nazarin (Bunuel)
Les Amants (Malle)
Dracula (Fisher)
The Defiant Ones (Kramer)

1959 North by Northwest (Hitchcock)***
Some Like it Hot (Wilder)***
Hiroshima mon Amour (Resnais)**
The World of Apu (S.Ray)**
Ballad of a Soldier (Chukhrai)*
Paper Flowers (Dutt)
Les 400 Coups (Truffaut)
Le Testament d'Orphe (Cocteau)
The Lin Family Shop (Zhang Shuihua)
Astronauts (Borowczyk, Marker)
Good Morning (Ozu)
The Nun's Story (Zinnemann)
Imitation of Life (Sirk)

1960 L'Avventura (Antonioni)***
The Apartment (Wilder)**
Cloud-Capped Star (Ghatak)**
Mughal-e-Azam (Asif)*
La Dolce Vita (Fellini)*
Le Trou (Becker)
When a Woman Ascends the Stairs (Naruse)
Wild River (Kazan)
Shoot the Pianist (Truffaut)
Spartacus (Kubrick)
Knights of the Teutonic Order (A.Ford)
Une Femme est une Femme (Godard)
Psycho (Hitchcock)
Black Sunday (Bava)

1961 The Human Condition trilogy (Kobayashi)**
El Cid (A.Mann)**
La Notte (Antonioni)*
The End of Summer (Ozu)*
The Innocents (Clayton)*
Last Year at Marienbad (Resnais)
One-Eyed Jacks (Brando)
Mother Joan of the Angels (Kawalerowicz)
Cleo from 5 to 7 (Varda)

1962 Lawrence of Arabia (Lean)**
Ivan's Childhood (Tarkovsky)
Seppuku (Kobayashi)
Eclipse (Antonioni)
The Man who Shot Liberty Valance (Ford)
Vivre sa Vie (Godard)
Carnival of Souls (Harvey)
A Valparaiso (Ivens)
Ride the High Country (Peckinpah)
Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner (Richardson)

1963 8 1/2 (Fellini)**
The Leopard (Visconti)*
Contempt (Godard)*
The Great Escape (J.Sturges)*
High and Low (Kurosawa)*
The Servant (Losey)
It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World (Kramer)
The House is Black (Farrokhzad)
The Silence (Bergman)
Charade (Donen)
Jason and the Argonauts (Chaffey)
The Birds (Hitchcock)
From Russia with Love (Young)

1964 Dr Strangelove (Kubrick)**
Gertrud (Dreyer)**
Marnie (Hitchcock)*
Kwaidan (Kobayashi)*
The Gospel according to St Matthew (Pasolini)*
Charulata (S.Ray)*
Goldfinger (Hamilton)*
I am Cuba (Kalatozov)
Black God White Devil (Rocha)
The Naked Kiss (Fuller)
The Pink Panther (Edwards)
Woman of the Dunes (Teshigahara)
The Train (Frankenheimer)
Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors (Paradjanov)
Manji (Masumura)

1965 Pierrot le Fou (Godard)**
The Battle of Algiers (Pontecorvo)*
Two Stage Sisters (Xie Jin)*
The Saragossa Manuscript (Has)*
Subarnarekha (Ghatak)
Red Beard (Kurosawa)
The Hand (Trnka)
Onibaba (Shindo)
Alphaville (Godard)
A Shot in the Dark (Edwards)
Chimes at Midnight (Welles)
Doctor Zhivago (Lean)
Guide (Anand)
The Ipcress File (Furie)
Carry on Cleo (Thomas)
A Blonde in Love (Forman)

1966 Andrei Rublev (Tarkovsky)***
Persona (Bergman)**
Round Up (Jancso)
Daisies (Chytilova)
Closely Observed Trains (Menzel)
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (Leone)
Red Angel (Masumura)
Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! (Meyer)
The Party and the Guests (Nemec)
Blow Up (Antonioni)
Those Magnificent Men in their Flying Machines (Annakin)

1967 Belle de Jour (Bunuel)*
Mouchette (Bresson)*
Bonnie and Clyde (Penn)*
Marketa Lazarova (Vlacil)
The Graduate (Nichols)
The Red and the White (Jancso)
Hour of the Wolf (Bergman)
Playtime (Tati)
Switchboard Operator (Makaveyev)
The Attached Balloon (Zheliazkova)
Branded to Kill (Suzuki)
The Commissar (Askoldov)
War and Peace (Bondarchuk)
You Only Live Twice (Gilbert)
The Dirty Dozen (Aldrich)
Cool Hand Luke (Rosenberg)

1968 2001: A Space Odyssey (Kubrick)***
The Colour of Pomegranates (Paradjanov)**
Once Upon a Time in the West (Leone)**
Goto, Isle of Love (Borowczyk)*
Hour of the Furnaces (Solanas)*
Fall of Leaves (Iosseliani)
Shame (Bergman)
The Cremator (Herz)
La Femme Infidele (Chabrol)
If (L.Anderson)
Chronicle of Anna Magdalena Bach (Straub, Huillet)
The Cow (Mehrjui)
Bullitt (Yates)

1969 My Night with Maud (Rohmer)**
The Wild Bunch (Peckinpah)*
Days and Nights in the Forest (S.Ray)*
A Touch of Zen (King Hu)
Army in the Shadows (Melville)
The Milky Way (Bunuel)
Kes (Loach)
Midnight Cowboy (Schlesinger)
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (Hill)
Le Boucher (Chabrol)
The Jackal of Nahueltoro (Littin)

1970 Claire's Knee (Rohmer)**
The Conformist (Bertolucci)*
The Sorrow and the Pity (Marcel Ophuls)*
Five Easy Pieces (Rafelson)
The Red Circle (Melville)
Walkabout (Roeg)
The Ear (Kachyna)
Little Big Man (Penn)
Valerie and her Week of Wonders (Jires)
The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes (Wilder)
The Spider's Stratagem (Bertolucci)
Grandmother (Lynch)

1971 Pakeezah (Amrohi)**
Le Souffle au Coeur (Malle)*
Love (Makk)
Death in Venice (Visconti)
Anne and Muriel (Truffaut)
Klute (Pakula)
King Lear (Kozintsev)
Blanche (Borowczyk)
Ten Days Wonder (Chabrol)
Calcutta 71 (Sen)
W.R.Mysteries of the Organism (Sen)
The Last Picture Show (Bogdanovich)
McCabe and Mrs Miller (Altman)
Two Lane Blacktop (Hellman)
The Go-Between (Losey)

1972 Aguirre Wrath of God (Herzog)**
Deliverance (Boorman)*
Cabaret (Fosse)
The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie (Bunuel)
My Childhood (Douglas)
Sleuth (Mankiewicz)
Home from the Sea (Yamada)
Roma (Fellini)
The Godfather (Coppola)
State of Siege (Costa-Gavros)
Solaris (Tarkovsky)

1973 Spirit of the Beehive (Erice)**
The Mother and the Whore (Eustache)*
The Wicker Man (Hardy)*
Badlands (Malick)
The Day of the Jackal (Zinnemann)
Don't Look Now (Roeg)
Fear Eats the Soul (Fassbinder)
Paper Moon (Bogdanovich)
Sleeper (Allen)
The Great Ecstasy of Woodcarver Steiner (Herzog)
The Holy Mountain (Jodorowsky)
The World at War (BBC TV)
O Lucky Man (Anderson)
Day for Night (Truffaut)
Touki-Bouki (Mambety)
Serpico (Lumet)

1974 Celine and Julie go Boating (Rivette)***
Alice in the Cities (Wenders)***
Hearts and Minds (Davis)*
The Godfather 2 (Coppola)*
Chinatown (Polanski)*
The Phantom of Liberty (Bunuel)
Reason, Debate and a Tale (Ghatak)
Edvard Munch (Watkins)
Arabian Nights (Pasolini)
F for Fake (Welles)
The Conversation (Coppola)

1975 Mirror (Tarkovsky)***
The Passenger (Antonioni)**
Barry Lyndon (Kubrick)*
Picnic at Hanging Rock (Weir)
Hedgehog in the Fog (Norstein)
The Enigma of Kaspar Hauser (Herzog)
Dog Day Afternoon (Lumet)
The Man who Would be King (Huston)
Three Days of the Condor (Pollack)
Profondo Rosso (Argento)
One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest (Forman)
Night Moves (Penn)

1976 Kings of the Road (Wenders)**
The Outlaw Josey Wales (Eastwood)*
Ai no Corrida (Oshima)*
Cria Cuervos (Saura)
The Ascent (Shepitko)
The Innocent (Visconti)
1900 (Bertolucci)
Marathon Man (Schlesinger)
Mr Klein (Losey)
Chinese Roulette (Fassbinder)
Carrie (De Palma)
All the President's Men (Pakula)

1977 Suspiria (Argento)*
Unfinished Piece for Player Piano (Mikhalkov)
Three Women (Altman)
The Lacemaker (Goretta)
The American Friend (Wenders)
Providence (Resnais)
Soldier of Orange (Verhoeven)
Metamorphosis of Mr Samsa (Leaf)
Eraserhead (Lynch)
Padre Padrone (Taviani bros)

1978 The Deer Hunter (Cimino)*
The Marriage of Maria Braun (Fassbinder)*
Tree of the Wooden Clogs (Olmi)
Days of Heaven (Malick)
Perceval le Gallois (Rohmer)
The Driver (W.Hill)

1979 Stalker (Tarkovsky)**
Apocalypse Now (Coppola)**
Manhattan (Allen)**
Tale of Tales (Norstein)**
The Life of Brian (Jones)
Vengeance is Mine (Imamura)
Raining in the Mountain (King Hu)
My Brilliant Career (Armstrong)
The China Syndrome (Bridges)

1980 The Shining (Kubrick)**
Raging Bull (Scorsese)**
Berlin Alexanderplatz (Fassbinder)*
Who's Singing over There? (Sijan)
The Elephant Man (Lynch)
The Aviator's Wife (Rohmer)
Atlantic City (Malle)
Hopscotch (Neame)
Sir Henry at Rawlinson End (Roberts)
Heaven's Gate (Cimino)
Ordinary People (Redford)
Fly (Rofusz)
Melvin and Howard (Demme)

1981 Night of the Shooting Stars (Taviani bros)**
Body Heat (Kasdan)
Diva (Beineix)
Do You Remember Dolly Bell? (Kusturica)
Umrao Jaan (Muzaffar Ali)
The French Lieutenant's Woman (Reisz)
Raiders of the Lost Ark (Spielberg)
An American Werewolf in London (Landis)
Mephisto (Szabo)
Excalibur (Boorman)

1982 Fanny and Alexander (Bergman)*
Blade Runner (Scott)*
The Draughtsman's Contract (Greenaway)
Veronika Voss (Fassbinder)
Yol (Guney)
Sophie's Choice (Pakula)
Another Way (Makk)
Fitzcarraldo (Herzog)
Deadly Run (Miller)
L'Enfant Secret (Garrel)
Identification of a Woman (Antonioni)
Missing (Costa-Gavros)
The Return of Martin Guerre (Vigne)

1983 Once upon a Time in America (Leone)**
Nostalghia (Tarkovsky)*
Sans Soleil (Marker)*
Local Hero (Forsyth)
One Deadly Summer (Becker)
The Right Stuff (Kaufman)
The Man with 2 Brains (C.Reiner)
Trading Places (Landis)
Heat and Dust (Ivory)
Vivement Dimanche (Truffaut)
Pauline at the Beach (Rohmer)
Risky Business (Brickman)

1984 Paris, Texas (Wenders)***
Broadway Danny Rose (Allen)
Sunday in the Country (Tavernier)
Jumping (Tezuka)
Taipei Story (Yang)
Company of Wolves (Jordan)
Heimat (Reitz)
Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind (Miyazaki)
Streetwise (Bell)
Choose Me (Rudolph)
L'Amour par Terre (Rivette)
Legend of the Suram Fortress (Paradjanov)
Romancing the Stone (Zemeckis)

1985 Brazil (Gilliam)**
The Time to Live and the Time to Die (Hou)*
Come and See (Klimov)*
When Father was away on Business (Kusturica)
Witness (Weir)
A Room with a View (Ivory)
What Have I Done to Deserve This? (Almodovar)
Death in a French Garden (Deville)
Ran (Kurosawa)
Prizzi's Honor (Huston)
A Zed and Two Noughts (Greenaway)
The Official Version (Puenzo)

1986 The Green Ray (Rohmer)***
Street of Crocodiles (Quay bros)**
Blue Velvet (Lynch)**
The Sacrifice (Tarkovsky)*
Bashu the Little Stranger (Beiza'i)
Hannah and her Sisters (Allen)
Jean de Florette/ Manon des Sources (Berri)
A Summer's Tale (Rohmer)
Horse Thief (Tian Zhuangzhuang)
Where is the Friend's Home? (Kiarostami)
From the Pole to the Equator (Gianikian, Lucchi)
Labyrinth (Henson)
Something Wild (Demme)

1987 My Girlfriend's Boyfriend (Rohmer)**
Red Sorghum (Zhang Yimou)**
Yeelen (Cisse)*
Au Revoir les Enfants (Malle)
The Untouchables (De Palma)
Wings of Desire (Wenders)
Hope and Glory (Boorman)
Pelle the Conqueror (August)
The Dead (Huston)
Good Morning, Babylon (Taviani bros)
Rouge (Kwan)
Babette's Feast (Axel)
Full Metal Jacket (Kubrick)
A Taxing Woman (Itami)
Black Widow (Rafelson)

1988 Dekalog (Kieslowski)*
Landscape in the Mist (Angelopoulos)*
My Neighbour Totoro (Miyazaki)*
Feelings of Mountains and Water (Te Wei)
Grave of the Fireflies (Takahata)
A Fish Called Wanda (Crichton)
Why did Bodhi-Dharma Leave for the East? (Bae
The Navigator: A Medieval Odyssey (Ward)
Alice (Svankmajer)
Ashik Kerib (Paradjanov)
Sciany (Dumala)
Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown (Almodovar)
Big (P.Marshall)
The Thin Blue Line (Morris)
The Unbearable Lightness of Being (Kaufman)

1989 Close Up (Kiarostami)*
City of Sadness (Hou)
The Cook, the Thief, his Wife and her Lover
Crimes and Misdemeanours (Allen)
Freeze, Die, Come to Life (Kanevsky)
Kiki's Delivery Service (Miyazaki)
Balance (Lauenstein)
The Time of the Gypsies (Kusturica)
The Cow (Petrov)
Last Exit to Brooklyn (Edel)
Darkness/Light/Darkness (Svankmajer)
Sex, Lies and Videotape (Soderbergh)

1990 The Sheltering Sky (Bertolucci)*
Miller's Crossing (Coen)*
The Civil War (Burns)*
Goodfellas (Scorsese)
Edward Scizzorhands (Burton)
Night Sun (Taviani bros)
Korczak (Wajda)
Grifters (Frears)
My Father's Glory/My Mother's Castle (Robert)
Cyrano de Bergerac (Rappeneau)
No, or the Vainglory of Command (Oliveira)
An Angel at my Table (Campion)
Europa (Von Trier)

1991 The Double Life of Veronique (Kieslowski)**
Raise the Red Lantern (Zhang Yimou)*
The Silence of the Lambs (Demme)*
La Belle Noiseuse (Rivette)*
A Brighter Summer Day (Yang)
J.F.K (Stone)
Flirting (Duigan)
Thelma and Louise (Scott)
La Frontera (Larrain)
Life on a String (Chen Kaige)
Prospero's Books (Greenaway)
Europa Europa (Holland)
Toto the Hero (Van Dormael)

1992 And Life Goes On (Kiarostami)*
Howard's End (Ivory)
Belle Epoque (Trueba)
Passion Fish (Sayles)
Lessons of Darkness (Herzog)
Orlando (Potter)
Tokyo Decadence (Murakami)
The Player (Altman)
Bram Stoker's Dracula (Coppola)
Hedd Wyn (Turner)
The Northerners (Van Warmerdam)
Les Amants du Pont Neuf (Carax)

1993 Abraham Valley (Oliveira)**
The Age of Innocence (Scorsese)**
Groundhog Day (Ramis)**
Three Colours Blue (Kieslowski)*
Schindler's List (Spielberg)*
The Wrong Trousers (Park)*
Short Cuts (Altman)
Darkness in Tallinn (Jarvilaturi)
The Piano (Campion)
The Nightmare before Xmas (Selick)
The Secret of Roan Inish (Sayles)
Red Squirrel (Medem)
Manhattan Murder Mystery (Allen)
The Last Bolshevik (Marker)
Sonatine (Kitano)
The Blue Kite (Tian Zhuangzhuang)

1994 Chungking Express (Wong Kar-Wai)*
Burnt by the Sun (Mikhalkov)*
Silences of the Palace (Tlatli)*
Satantango (Tarr)
To Live (Zhang Yimou)
Pulp Fiction (Tarantino)
Ed Wood (Burton)
Smoking/No Smoking (Resnais)
Ashes of Time (Wong Kar-Wai)
Amateur (Hartley)
Heavenly Creatures (Jackson)
The Last Seduction (Dahl)
Exotica (Egoyan)

1995 Maborosi (Kore-eda)***
Ulysses' Gaze (Angelopoulos)**
The White Balloon (Panahi)*
Cyclo (Tran Anh-Hung)
Good Men, Good Women (Hou)
Dead Man (Jarmusch)
Toy Story (Lasseter)
Before Sunrise (Linklater)
The Flower of my Secret (Almodovar)
Institute Benjamenta (Quay bros)
Pride and Prejudice (Langton, BBC)
Babe (Noonan)
Foreign Land (Salles)
La Haine (Kassovitz)
Il Postino (Radford)

1996 Gabbeh (M.Makhmalbaf)*
Tierra (Medem)
The English Patient (Minghella)
Irma Vep (Assayas)
L'Appartement (Mimouni)
Conspirators of Pleasure (Svankmajer)
Drifting Clouds (Kaurismaki)
Chacun Cherche son Chat (Klapisch)
Breaking the Waves (Von Trier)
Fallen Angels (Wong Kar-Wai)
Welcome to the Dollhouse (Solondz)
When we were Kings (Gast)
Le Bossu (De Broca)
Fly Away Home (Ballard)
Ridicule (Leconte)

1997 The Eel (Imamura)
Flatworld (Greaves)
Hana-Bi (Kitano)
Mother and Son (Sokurov)
The Taste of Cherry (Kiarostami)
The Thief (Chukhrai)
The Ice Storm (Ang Lee)
The River (Tsai Ming-Liang)
Journey to the Beginning of the World (Oliveira)
L.A.Confidential (Hanson)

1998 Eternity and a Day (Angelopoulos)**
Lovers of the Arctic Circle (Medem)
Show me Love (Moodysson)
After the Rain (Koizumi)
Central Station (Salles)
An Autumn Tale (Rohmer)
The Thin Red Line (Malick)
The Apple (S.Makhmalbaf)
Secret Dfense (Rivette)
Festen (Vinterberg)
The Dream Life of Angels (Zonca)
Run Lola Run (Tykwer)
The Colour of Paradise (Majidi)
Of Freaks and Men (Balabanov)
The General (Boorman)
Besieged (Bertolucci)

1999 Rosetta (Dardenne bros)**
Clouds of May (Ceylan)
Topsy Turvy (Leigh)
Eyes Wide Shut (Kubrick)
Solas (Zambrano)
The Iron Giant (Bird)
All about my Mother (Almodovar)
The Wind will Carry us (Kiarostami)
Audition (Miike)
Magnolia (P.T.Anderson)
Kikujiro (Kitano)
Titus (Taymor)
Last Resort (Pawlikowski)

2000 Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (Ang Lee)**
Werckmeister Harmonies (Tarr)**
At the Height of Summer (Tran Anh-Hung)*
Eureka (Aoyama)*
In the Mood for Love (Wong Kar-Wai)*
Heart of the World (Maddin)*
Platform (Jia Zhangke)
Suzhou River (Lou Ye)
Chunhyang (Im)
Isle (Kim Ki-Duk)
The Day I Became a Woman (Meshkini)
Blackboards (S.Makhmalbaf)
The Claim (Winterbottom)
La Ville est Tranquille (Guedigian)

2001 Mulholland Dr (Lynch)**
What Time is it There? (Tsai)*
Take Care of my Cat (Jong Jae-eun)
Monday Morning (Iosseliani)
Spirited away (Miyazaki)
Y Tu Mama Tambien (Cuaron)
The Piano Teacher (Haneke)
Winged Migration (Perrin, Cluzaud)
The Lady and the Duke (Rohmer)
Visitor Q (Miike)

2002 Far from Heaven (Haynes)*
Blissfully Yours (Weerasethakul)*
Finding Nemo (Stanton)*
Talk to Her (Almodovar)
Waiting for Happiness (Sissako)
Broken Wings (N.Bergman)
Femme Fatale (De Palma)
Snake of June (Tsukamoto)
Japon (Reygadas)
Dolls (Kitano)
Lifeline (Erice)
Le Chignon d'Olga (Bonnell)
Pistol Opera (Suzuki)
Abouna (Haroun)
Russian Ark (Sokurov)
Lilya 4 Ever (Moodysson)
Historias Minimas (Sorin)
Uzak (Ceylan)

2003 Dogville (Von Trier)**
The Return (Zvyagintsev)*
Oldboy (Park Chan-Wook)
A Tale of Two Sisters (Kim Ji-Woon)
Story of the Weeping Camel (Davaa, Falorni)
Histoire de Marie et Julien (Rivette)
Untold Scandal (E J-Yong)
Twilight Samurai (Yamada)
Memories of Murder (Bong Joon-Ho)
Big Fish (Burton)
Gerry (Van Sant)
Goodbye Lenin (Becker)

2004 Howl's Moving Castle (Miyazaki)*
Innocence (Hadzihalilovic)*
Before Sunset (Linklater)*
Moolad (Sembene)*
The Life Aquatic (W.Anderson)*
The Weeping Meadow (Angelopoulos)
The Incredibles (Bird)
2046 (Wong Kar-wai)
Mind Game (Yuasa)
The Power of Nightmares (Curtis)
House of the Flying Daggers (Zhang Yimou)
A Very Long Engagement (Jeunet)
The Consequences of Love (Sorrentino)
Motorcycle Diaries (Salles)
Machuca (Wood)

2005 The Piano Tuner of Earthquakes (Quay bros)**
Regular Lovers (Garrel)**
The New World (Malick)*
Wayward Cloud (Tsai Ming-Liang)*
Princess Raccoon (Suzuki)
The World (Jia Zhangke)
L'Enfant (Dardenne bros)
Where the Truth Lies (Egoyan)
Good Night and Good Luck (Clooney)
The Proposition (Hillcoat)
Three Times (Hou)
Sophie Scholl (Rothemund)

2006 Climates (Ceylan)
Inland Empire (Lynch)
Black Book (Verhoeven)
Offside (Panahi)
Golden Door (Crialese)
Red Road (Arnold)
Bamako (Sissako)
The Constant Gardener (Meirelles)
Kiwi! (Permedi)
Casino Royale (Campbell)
The Lives of Others (Von Donersmarck)

2007 The War on Democracy (Pilger, Martin)

Re: My 1001 favourite films

Postby wpqx » Thu Dec 13, 2007 6:49 pm

Nice list, glad to see there's another fan of Ozu's Tokyo Twilight out there. There are still far too many films on my to see list to attempt something of this kind, but applaud your effort. Oh and welcome back.

Re: My 1001 favourite films

Postby jcdavies » Thu Dec 13, 2007 10:32 pm

Well, it hasn't been easy getting back- i kept bringing up the old forum from 2004 or getting stuck at ezboard for sme reason.

Re: My 1001 favourite films

Postby wpqx » Thu Dec 13, 2007 11:53 pm

Hope the problem has been solved. I did a brief calculation and figured I have about 600 films I'd consider really strong, in order to make a list of this kind I'd wind up letting in a few too many "pretty good" films as opposed to great/excellent ones. After watching Judex this past summer my impatience for Fieullade releases is getting distracting.

Re: My 1001 favourite films

Postby A » Fri Dec 14, 2007 12:44 am

Great to see you posting again John
And I also hope the problems accessing our site have been solved.

My problem's the same as wpqx's - I have around 700 favorites, so a Top 500 would be a managable task. For 1000 of them, I'll need some more years of movie watching. As could be expected, we do have a lot of favorites in common, though.

I'm still short on my Mizo (seen only three, and so far one of them is a personal favorite) - I've actually seen more Naruse, Okamoto, and some others by now...

Re: My 1001 favourite films

Postby arsaib4 » Fri Dec 14, 2007 2:30 am

Yes, it's great to have you back, John. Here's hoping that you'll be able to manage some time for us on a regular basis. And thanks for sharing that wonderful list of yours.

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