Best Godard Film

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Best Godard Film

Postby jman » Thu Jun 22, 2000 11:28 am

My favorite is Masculin-Feminin. What's yours?

Re: Best Godard Film

Postby dan-2 » Fri Jun 23, 2000 9:32 pm

Haven't seen very many of his films, since I'm not a fan. But A Bout du Souffle is still enjoyable. Godard's plaufulness, which grew a little arch and political in the worst way by the late 'sixties, is still fresh in 1959.

Re: Best Godard Film

Postby sanford-x » Fri Jun 30, 2000 3:41 pm

I've been asked this question many times in the past and I always respond with a resounding "Hmmmm..."
I always have a hard time picking favorites from the extensive Godard catalog of works. I always get a kick out of watching "Peirrot le Fou", but my favorite is still a tie between "Week End" and the ever-engaging popular favorite "Alphaville".

Re: Best Godard Film

Postby bavasawa » Tue Aug 08, 2000 10:01 pm

I'd say Breathless followed by A Band Of Outsiders. Alphaville was also good. Of course those are the only three I have seen hehe.

Re: Best Godard Film

Postby LF_CELINE » Wed Aug 09, 2000 7:23 pm

hmmm...Godard usually bugs me...I've seen a lot of his stuff, hoping it would be better than it usually is...I really liked "Weekend" and "Masculin/Feminin", but "Contempt" is the one that I always go back to...

Re: Best Godard Film

Postby Tony Block » Wed Aug 09, 2000 11:57 pm

1. Alphaville
2. Weekend
3. Bande a part
Tony Block

Re: Best Godard Film

Postby Tony Block » Thu Aug 10, 2000 12:01 am

1. Alphaville
2. Weekend
3. Band A part
4. vivre sa vie
5. Contempt
6. Les Carbonieurs
7. Pierrot le Fou
8. Woman is a Woman
9. Masculine Feminine
10. Hail Mary
And I'm sure I forgot one or two. cheers Tony Block
Tony Block

Re: Best Godard Film

Postby Tony Block » Sat Aug 12, 2000 9:14 pm

Oops I forgot Breathless. See my previous reply. It should go between Weekend & Bande a Part.
Tony Block

Re: Best Godard Film

Postby setsuko » Sun Aug 13, 2000 2:47 pm

JLG is my teacher.
I learnd culture,philosophy,politics in his films.
And my Best Godard Film is "Le petit soldat".
Perhaps,it's one of the most beutiful film in the cinema history.

Re: Best Godard Film

Postby Tony Block » Sun Aug 13, 2000 11:36 pm

In Sept on friday nights Turner Classic movies is apparently doing a tribute to the French New Wave. Off the Top of my head I know that they are showing at least 5 Godard films including the rarely seen Le Petit Soldat, & Les Carbinieurs. They are also showing Alphaville, Vivre sa Vie & A Woman is a Woman. They are also showing films by Charbrol, Resnais, Trouffaut & others. Check out Friday night on TCM in Sept. & you won't be disappointed.
Tony Block


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