Russell Crowe

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Russell Crowe

Postby yaaah69 » Tue Aug 01, 2000 5:09 pm

DID ANYONE SEE THE "SUM OF US" It was the movie that launched Crowe-then L.A Confidential catapulted him. My only complaint is that he has a tendency to muffle his speech! Like he is afraid to let it out- his eyes are on u but his mouth is pointed elsewhere

Re: Russell Crowe

Postby cinemasmooch » Wed Aug 02, 2000 3:53 pm

I saw it during my "Russell Crowe Extravagansa" recently when I rented 6 of his videos one weekend. I've always been able to understand everything he says and haven't noticed that he muffles his words. Maybe because I like so much the sound of his deep, warm, rich voice, I'm very much tuned-in to him. Mel Gibson has a similar voice.

Re: Russell Crowe

Postby Morcheeba » Wed Sep 06, 2000 4:13 am

great actor but i havn't seen that one.i've seen La Confidential,Romper Stomper and a few others and he has been great in all of them! :o)

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