Best Hong Kong Director

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Best Hong Kong Director

Postby BEK » Thu Aug 17, 2000 2:11 am

I'd nominate Wong Kar-wai as the best Hong Kong director today. What do other people think? Other choices include John Woo, Fruit Chan, Tsui Hark, etc. But none comes close to WKW!

Re: Best Hong Kong Director

Postby BEK » Thu Aug 17, 2000 2:18 am

Just so you know where I stand... I think John Woo is the worst director working today. He's at the bottom of the list with Spielberg, Lucas, Verhoeven, and Schumacher. The absolute nonsense that John Woo has built his entire career on adds up to nothing. He's trying to fulfill some sick boyhood "action hero" fantasies through his films, and gets it away with it year after year. Do his films teach us anything or show us anything about ourselves? No! They're idiotic violent pieces of trash. And don't let some "Criterion commentary track" tell you otherwise. His films are about the worst parts of humanity, times 100. I'm truly disgusted by him.

Re: Best Hong Kong Director

Postby jman » Sat Aug 19, 2000 11:32 pm

No doubt, Wong Kar-wai. What's your favorite film? I like Chungking Express, if for no other reason than it introduced Wong to the film festival circuit.

Re: Best Hong Kong Director

Postby BEK » Sun Aug 20, 2000 9:54 pm

Happy Together is definitely my favorite WKW film. Although I saw Chungking Express first and loved it, Happy Together is the film that speaks to me the most. Chungking is fun, but very light compared to his serious films like Ashes of Time, Fallen Angels, and HT. What is it about HT that I love so much? The acting, the cinematography, but I think most importantly the tone. The film is such a thick emotional experience that I can only watch it once or twice a year - no more. Few other films come close to this level of respect in my mind.

Re: Best Hong Kong Director

Postby LF_CELINE » Wed Aug 23, 2000 8:26 pm

fave HK director...well, considering the best ones don't really work out of Hong Kong anymore (Wong is now a Canadian citizen, as is Ringo Lam...Woo lives in the US and Tsui's films are financed by US studios), that's kind of a tough one....I'd have to say either Yuen Woo Ping or Ching Siu Tung....both have a definate style and sense of FUN in their films....

about ten years ago, I would've said either John Woo or Ringo Lam....all that crap about Woo's films being "sick violent childhood hero fantasy's" I'd say about his American films, but his stuff from Hong Kong...yeah, they are violent, but the violence was NEVER gratuitous...the world he (and Ringo) portrayed was volatile and intense....a can of coca-cola shaken to the point of combustion, but within this world, both directors explored themes of trust, love, friendship, a sense, the human condition...was "Bonnie And Clyde" violent? yes. Same as "Breathless" or "The Wild Bunch" or "The Seven Samurai", but the violence was mere backdrop for those films, same as with "The Killer", "Bullet In The Head", "City On Fire" and the other films from these two directors...if you wanna talk about films that are "sick violent childhood hero fantasies", let's talk about Star Wars and Indiana Jones films...or "Yojimbo"....

sorry....wrong meeting...I sometimes get my days mixed up....

Re: Best Hong Kong Director

Postby monkeyfilm » Thu Oct 19, 2000 10:24 pm

The discussion of this topic might has stopped for a long while I guess. I couldn't help but have to speak out my strong agreement of BEK's comment. I have seen most of WKW's films. The most apparent characteristics in most of his works are the rhythm, the innovative photography, and the fluctuant emotions of all the charactors. However, in my mine, "Happy Together" is really his masterpiece particularly because of it's tone - the deep sorrow makes people breatheless. I also saw the "In the mood for love" lately. Excellent film and excellent English translation of the movie title. However, the presentation of the affection between the couple seems to be too tractable or conceivable to me. So, HT is still my #1 WKW film.

Re: Best Hong Kong Director

Postby rchl » Sat Nov 29, 2003 6:38 am

Actually, HK people love Jeffrey Lau most.

(coz of "A Chinese Odyssey" 1994)

Re: Best Hong Kong Director

Postby wpqx1 » Mon Dec 08, 2003 1:35 am

I agree with Wong Kar Wi. My personal favorite is Happy Together. Although his American output has been questionable, I still think The Killer and Hard Boiled are among the best action movies ever made.

Re: Best Hong Kong Director

Postby gratefultiger » Wed Dec 10, 2003 12:40 am

Have a cigar!yes the killer & hard boiled blow the hollywood actioners out of the water great films indeed,amongst my favourites in any genre.

Re: Best Hong Kong Director

Postby cousin_bette » Tue Dec 16, 2003 1:54 am

Re : WKW. I haven't seen all his films (missed Happy Together - bloody censors !) but I'd have to say Days of Being Wild gets my vote. That exquisite, poignant, all-pervasive mood of melancholy ...... matchless. Except only by the soundtrack.


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