Greatest Film Roles

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Greatest Film Roles

Postby cola » Thu Mar 01, 2001 5:04 pm

This is a topic I never hear much discussion about, so I'd like to know what everyone thinks. Obviously, there's Falconetti from Dreyer's THE PASSION OF JOAN OF ARC. That's got to be way up there. And Emil Jannings was incredible in Murnau's THE LAST LAUGH. Orson Welles was pretty remarkable in CITIZEN KANE (although acting isn't necessarily the film's best aspect), and there's been a lot of talk about John Wayne's performance in THE SEARCHERS (although I never thought I'd be submitting Wayne's name for anything).

Anything else? It'd be nice to assemble a good, solid "Top 10."

Re: Greatest Film Roles

Postby Gaucho » Thu Mar 15, 2001 7:03 am

John Wayne in "The Searchers" is awesome but he fared better in "True Grit" He showed that he can act drunk, mad man, angry man, black heart, but he have a little soft in his heart. Amazing character of this not that excellent film. This film is just good but "The Searchers" is better film.

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