Best films for a class on foreign cultures

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Best films for a class on foreign cultures

Postby sfkiesling » Fri Jun 01, 2001 3:18 pm

I'm teaching a Cross-Cultural Communication class and would like to use some authentic films from non-American cultures. Ideally there is a fair amount of talk in different situations. Scenes that would be especially nice are those that strike Americans as strange. Especially good would be Japanese, Latin (American), Indian, and African films. It would also be nice if the films are of decent quality too! Thanks for your help -- I see that you are an oinionated but knowledgeable bunch and look forward to your recs!

Re: Best films for a class on foreign cultures

Postby nana » Fri Jun 01, 2001 11:48 pm

i assume you have some experience with
foreign films...or else you wouldn't be using
the form to teach it right?

anyhow...the idea of learning cultures from film
is not utilize enough i think.
i recommend the films of ozu though his films are
very subtle much like their culture. your audience may
not have the attention span though(very slow). tokyo story
illustrates the generational conflicts which is a topic rarely brought up in contemporary american films.

i also recommend the recent yi-yi by taiwanese edward yang. modern melodrama about family life in taipei.

you might want to show the slower paced films last cause
most people are programed to hollywood action types.


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