Great directors' 10 best films

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Great directors' 10 best films

Postby john-5 » Sat Apr 13, 2002 1:56 pm

Which director has achieved the most impressive 10 best films?I've listed my(mainly objective)suggestions for each of 17 contenders-Kurosawa,Hitchcock,Bergman,Kubrick,Renoir,Bunuel,Ford,Mizoguchi,Godard,Lang,Hawks,Scorsese,Wilder,Bresson,Spielberg,Fellini,Truffaut.Hope it's o.k including Americans and British;i thought the comparisons might be useful.Of course,this process favours the more prolific directors-no Dreyer,Eisenstein,Tarkovsky for instance-and(particularly younger)contemporary directors are also disadvantaged.Sorry to take up so much space with new topics;didn't plan to hog this section.Who else should i have suggested?

Re: Great directors' 10 best films

Postby wvq » Tue Apr 16, 2002 12:42 am

This is an interesting little game. But wouldn't it be more fun to rank these lists? Now, we ought not to rank out of desire to produce a final statement about the unwieldy corpuses of people like Godard and Bunuel (and Lang and Hitchcock), with their globe-trotting, stylistic changes, and shifts in thematic, theoretical, and ideological perspective. We need to rank, because, well, if we don't do so, it all seems so lifeless, so conservative: we're left with nothing to angry up the blood and provoke some juvenile mud-slinging and name-calling.

Sadly, I may not be able to contribute too much to this debate, primarily because of the sorry state of film distribution in these parts. (Yeah, I suppose I could get ahold of all those Mizoguchis, Renoirs, and post-60's Godards that I want to see, but I'd be bankrupting myself for some muddy nth-generation dubs of what were already battered and bruised prints. In other words, unless I get to a big city sometime soon, I'm damned.)

A few suggestions for more lists:

Need to be here: Ozu, Rossellini (where are the distributors for the late tv stuff?), Fassbinder

Possible Additions (they've made more than enough films, and some people would strenuously object to their absence, but I'm not too sure): Griffith, Herzog, Pasolini, Michael Powell

If only they'd made more films (ok, some made just enough, but this would make their lists way too obvious): Murnau, von Stroheim, Antonioni, Dreyer, Vertov, Rivette

Re: Great directors' 10 best films

Postby johndav » Tue Apr 16, 2002 7:40 am

Again,good observations.I realised too late it would have been more interesting to order each list by merit/my personal preference;just i found it easier assembling by chronological order,and the purpose was more to end up with comparisons between directors.I didn't plan the topic very well,i'm afraid and ended up taking up so much space.Apologies to all.Initially i intended a smaller number of lists,then(as usual)thought,if this director,why not that?Did think of Fassbinder,as he was so prolific;but wasn't convinced his 10 were quite good enough.And the lists had to stop somewhere.

Re: Great directors' 10 best films

Postby admin-2 » Sun Oct 20, 2002 6:34 pm

For consistency of vision the award would have to go to either Buñuel who, despite having to do "hack jobs" to put food on the table, never abandoned his surrealist principles or Stanley kubrick who never made a bad film and forever remained the sad, impish misanthrope that really CARED about humanity (I mean he cared for his characters despite his better judgment).

BUT....Orson Welles and Jean Renoir are the giants for me. Their films touch me so deeply and engage me on such a deep intelectual level that I can conjure up any of their films at will and replay them in my head.

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