really good french movie , i need the name?! HELP !

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really good french movie , i need the name?! HELP !

Postby madhacker14 » Thu Dec 26, 2002 5:50 pm

i seen this movie about this lady with a baby and she lives in this very rural area. she lived there with her husband. well her husband was away for a while, buisness trip i think. and one day this hiker start camping by her house and the lady starts to talk to her and they become friends. well the lady started to like her a lot and started to get really crazy. i dont remember much just that at one point, and this is graphic people, she put a tooth brush in a toilet bowl full of poo! and they were in a beach and started to have sex with people in the woods. in the end of the movie the lady kill the owner of hte house and has her body tied up in the tent out side of the house and the husband finds it! and she ran away with the baby and they were on a boat at the end of the movie. it was a really good movie and i recamend to every one if i can get the name of it, any help is cool. i think it might have been french too !

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