Secuestro Express (2004) (Venezuela)

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Secuestro Express (2004) (Venezuela)

Postby hengcs » Thu Aug 11, 2005 5:17 pm

Director: Jonathan Jakubowicz
Cast: Ma Maestro, Jean Paul Leroux, Carlos Julio Molina, Pedro Perez, Carlos Madera

The official website is here ...

Shot on digital video, the film follows the abduction of a couple in Caracas ...
-- The opening line is, "Every 60 minutes, a person is abducted in Latin America ... and 70% of them do not survive the ordeal"
-- The ending message is, "Half the world is dying of starvation, while half the world is dying of obesity ..."
So, what kind of film do you expect ...

What is good ...
-- Well, the film actually gets better as it progresses ... with quite a number of twists and surprises ... which are rather aptly used ... to depict the harsh reality of society, the corruption in authority, the class division and economic inequalities, the relationship between people, etc ...

What could be better ...
-- Hmmm ... I would have ended the film differently,
i.e., when she was in the van and the audience could decide what happened ...
* if you have watched it, you will know what I mean *
-- Although the director tries to humanize the kidnappers without romanticizing them, some people might still find the film too empathetic towards the kidnappers rather than the victims (which lacks sufficient depiction) ...

-- Quite a nice film
... after watching the film, hopefully it does not deter you from visiting the country or Latin America
... after all, I do believe that Venezuela and Latin America still have their beauty ...

Re: Secuestro Express (2004) (Venezuela)

Postby trevor826 » Sun Dec 17, 2006 11:19 am

Pushed as the first Venezuelan feature film to recieve international distribution, I avoided seeing it in the cinema because I was expecting it to be too audience friendly but decided to catch it on dvd when they had 2 offers running concurrently in our local Blockbuster allowing me to rent 4 films for 5 GBP.

It is mainstream audience friendly and as such doesn't dig deep enough into how terrifying it must be to be kidnapped and held to ransom. The style comes across as "City of God" meets "Trainspotting", too sharp, too hip and lacking the depth of, for instance "Good Morning, Night".

What it does do is illustrate the thin line between good and bad, showing that most of the time it's all a matter of perspective. There were a few too many coincidences in the storyline but thankfully and surprisingly the final denouement that I was expecting from early in the film did not come into fruition.

Good use of Digital Video but strikingly unoriginal in its construction, Secuestro Express ends up as merely an average film flawed by cliches.

Cheers Trev.

Re: Secuestro Express (2004) (Venezuela)

Postby hengcs » Tue Dec 26, 2006 2:53 am

I am still surprised you caught the film ...

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