Elling (2001) and Mors Elling (2003) (Norway)

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Elling (2001) and Mors Elling (2003) (Norway)

Postby hengcs » Mon Feb 20, 2006 10:49 am

Elling (2001) (Norway)

Director: Petter Nss
Cast: Per Christian Ellefsen, Sven Nordin

The film made it to 1 of the 5 nominees in Best Foreign Film category in Oscar 2002.

My thoughts ...
-- What really makes the show is the chemistry between the two male leads ... wow ...
-- The comical scenes are funny without being slapstick (with some lines being rather interesting/thought provoking/occasionally dark), and the touching scenes are not too melodrama ...
-- All in all, it has some nice theme(s)
... about humanity,
... about friendship,
... about overcoming fears,
... about "politics/welfare systems",
... about "contemporary arts/poetry", etc ...

-- At another level, I also wonder how much "eccentricity" is there in what we believe is "normality" ... hmmm ... food fo thought ...

Recommended ...

Re: Elling (2001) and Mors Elling (2003) (Norway)

Postby hengcs » Mon Feb 20, 2006 10:51 am

Mors Elling (Mother's Elling) (2003) (Norway)

Director: Eva Isaksen
Cast: Per Christian Ellefsen, Grete Nordr

This film is a "sequel" that features the "prequel" to Elling ...
So, it features Elling and his mother ...

My thoughts ...
-- While the performance by the mother is good ... and by the son is good ... they are good in their own ways ... Somehow, the chemistry between the mother and the son is less compelling than the two guys in "Elling" ... and it is important because audience will want to know why the son cannot survive the social world without his mother in "Elling" ... unfortunately, the film takes it for granted and does not shed much light to the development of their bond ... it skips the entire childhood except for the train scene in the beginning ... also, it does not shed too much light on why Elling behaves as his does in "Elling" ... instead, it simply focuses on the trip that his mother and him went to ... in Spain ... because his mother is worried about his life after she leaves ...
-- Although there is also comedy in this, I thought they are lesser in quantity and more towards exaggeration ...

Can watch ... but it is less "fun" than Elling ...

Re: Elling (2001) and Mors Elling (2003) (Norway)

Postby trevor826 » Thu May 11, 2006 8:02 am

Watched Elling last night, pretty cosy oddball (real oddball) buddy movie.

Got to be fair, it was pretty amusing and well played. Both characters suffered from severe social disfunctional problems and although progress was made in terms of their social interaction there was no magic cure meaning they ended the movie being closer to what we term as "normal" but still closeted within their own restricted worlds.

I noticed this is yet another film marked down for a Hollywood remake so if possible, I'd suggest you catch the original. It is funny without being condescending or ridiculing people who genuinely have such emotional problems. The actor who played their social worker was excellent as well.

Cheers Trev.

Re: Elling (2001) and Mors Elling (2003) (Norway)

Postby hengcs » Fri May 12, 2006 3:05 am

I never expect this thread to be revitalized ...
ha ha

Re: Elling (2001) and Mors Elling (2003) (Norway)

Postby trevor826 » Fri May 12, 2006 4:00 pm

It's one that I taped a long time ago but forgot about it till it was being shown on TV again.

What do you think about the idea of a remake?

Cheers Trev.

Re: Elling (2001) and Mors Elling (2003) (Norway)

Postby A » Sat May 13, 2006 12:30 am

I saw the first one, "Elling" along time ago, and I liked it. It was a quirky character study where you didn't laugh at the people, but with them. I think your comments describe it quite well. But there was actually much fuss about the film here in Germany, and I thought it didn't really deserve it. It's certainly an entertaining and well-made film, but imo not much more.

A remake could actually be interesting, but Hollywood would probably it into another American Pie -style comedy with two nutcases instead of teenagers.
If it's done badly enough, it could be enjoyable, but I doubt that will bw the case. I just hope they won't try to make a serious "message-oriented" film.

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