Letter From An Unknown Woman (2004) (China)

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Letter From An Unknown Woman (2004) (China)

Postby hengcs » Thu Jul 07, 2005 5:54 pm

Director: Xu Jinglei
Cast: Xu Jinglei, Jiang Wen

At the San Sebastian International Film Festival 2004, the movie garnered the Silver Shell for Best Director Award .

The official website (in Chinese)

Nope it is not the 1948 version directed by Max Ophuls
Yup you guess it, the movie is also based on the book by Stefan Zweig but relocated to China between the 1930s to 1948.

The movie tells the story of a woman who had loved a man for all her life, but he did not even remember her
The tagline (in Chinese) for the movie was A mans one night stand, A womans entire life love

As I have neither read the book nor watched the 1948 version, I would not seek to compare them. Who knows, this may make my comments more objective * naughty grin * at times, I really feel that each movie should be rated on its own merits and not be compared to the book (which is of a different medium, with differing strengths and weaknesses) or the other versions of movie (who knows, first impression may interfere with objectivity) * naughty grin again *

What I like
-- Wow definitely the mood and the sound of the movie. The entire mood was so melancholic, languid, and yet very beautiful yes, part of the credit should go to the sounds
(i) the soundtrack was really impressive in bringing out the mood of the entire movie
(ii) also, the voice over narration (which was very essential to the movie) was very well delivered
-- There is one scene that I really like
i.e., near the end, when the female protagonist left him for the last time, and she met the housekeeper at the door WOW that was the best scene !!! It really contrasted the two scenarios a second ago, she was again easily forgotten by someone whom she loved so much but a second after, she was so easily recognized by someone whom she had hardly noticed what can one say thats life!
-- Overall, the production and the pacing were very well done. I was actually interested to know what happened next in the movie

What I thought could be better
-- Pardon my indolence, but frankly, to some extent, Jiang Wen (in the movie) did not come across as a guy whom many girls would fall for (sorry to his fans, I know he can act). No no no I am not merely talking about physical looks, but also the script. It did not have sufficient characterization/events to convince the audience that many girls would fall for him. After some thoughts, the only factor I could possibly think of is -- hey, the character was filthily rich, so he could possibly sleep with any woman he wanted.

I actually enjoy the movie and recommend it!
To all who still believe in this thing called love, I guess you will like the movie!
Hee hee

P.S.: Once again, in order to enjoy the movie, do NOT be burdened by either the book or the earlier classic filmed in 1948!

Re: Letter From An Unknown Woman (2004) (China)

Postby hengcs » Sat Jul 09, 2005 3:47 pm

To those who are keen on Jiang Wen,
-- He is preparing to direct his third movie!
-- The movie is "Tai Yang Zai Ci Sheng Qi" (i.e., The Sun Rises Again).

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