Kontroll (aka Control) (2003) (Hungary)

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Kontroll (aka Control) (2003) (Hungary)

Postby hengcs » Thu Apr 28, 2005 1:39 am

I posted this some time ago ... but it vanished with the old forum.

So, here you go again ...
why? because it is going to screen in United States ...

The official website is

The movie was Hungary's submission for Oscar this year.
Recently, it has won the Gold Hugo, the top prize for the Chicago International Film Festival.

What is it ...
- The movie has a mix of thriller and comedy.
- The entire movie is filmed underground at the subway, about the life of the subway inspectors and the commuters.

What I like about the movie?
- It has a lot of symbolism amidst realism.
- When you expect something to happen, nothing happens; but when you expect nothing to happen, something happens.
- The soundtrack is rather different and interesting.

What may some people not like about the movie?
- It does not explain everything, so you would have to think and figure it out yourself

My take: GO WATCH IT !!!

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