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Siren the movie

Postby netmankt » Tue Jan 31, 2006 6:46 am

What makes a film good? Is it the acting? The action? The music? Or the comic elements? I saw a movie that had all of the aforementioned elements.

Siren is an independent film that portrays Storm as a relentlessly pursuing her dream as a rock star. There are a lot of really great scenes and essential ingredients which make this film one of the best independent films I have ever seen. A recent feature article in the L.A. Times tells how Michele Fiore-Kaime doesnt give up on her dreams in real life too!

Michele is a truly inspiring lady in that she never gives up and is multitalented. She stars, created the story, and helped direct Siren. Where the story is funny, it is very funny. Where it is dramatic, it is very dramatic. And where it rocks with music, it really rocks! This movie is sure to start a craze all over the country as it has in several cities so far. The battle of the bands idea of this film has taken off in real life as a competition.

I encourage all to at least click the link which takes you to the website to read more and view a trailer clip. Enjoy and follow your dreams!!!


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