Elizabethtown (2005)

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Elizabethtown (2005)

Postby hengcs » Tue Jan 10, 2006 1:10 am

Director: Cameron Crowe
Cast: Orlando Bloom, Kirsten Dunst

The film premiered at Venice International Film Festival ...

The official website

My thoughts ...
-- I do really want to defend Orlando Bloom (because some critics attribute the blame to him) ... in a way, I think the failure to engage the audience should NOT be attributed to Orlando Bloom, he can act (or at least does have a good range of emotions) ... his dancing alone scene was nice to watch ... his phone calls with Kirsten was reflective of real life phone calls ... his first encounter(s) with Kirsten on the plane was humorous ... etc
-- The problem really lies with the director (for failing to let the audience feel a clear sense of either comedy or tragedy; he tries too hard to create a dark humor, but it just does not work) ... and to some extent, the editing (for failing to better pace) ... and to a minor extent, the initial part of the soundtrack (for being not absorbing enough) ... the soundtrack for the roadtrip is much better ...
-- The tap dance by Susan Sarandon was good in the sense that she had to dance as though she was a novice ...

Watchable, but it is not very engaging ... In a way, the director was too "ambitious" ... otherwise, it could come across as a simple but nice romance and/or a film about discovery and realization ...

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