Judgement at Nuremburg (U.S.A. 1961)

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Judgement at Nuremburg (U.S.A. 1961)

Postby peppajaa » Mon Mar 26, 2007 9:31 pm

Here is a film with many strengths Abby Mann's stunning script and Stanley Kramer's direction. But the great joy of this movie is its sensational cast. Possibly the best "all-star cast" movie ever made,Judgement at Nuremburg is a fascinating study, not only of its subject matter, but of different acting styles coming together.

Spencer Tracy's quiet and thoughtful turn as the lead judge is a perfect contrast to Maximilian Schell's (sensational) passionate defense attorney and Richard Widmark's almost fanatically zealous prosecutor. With these three remarkable actors "running the show," so to speak, we are treated to a parade of solid performances.

Marlene Dietrich (in what may be the most difficult role in the film) plays the widow of a prominent Nazi general. Outside the courtroom she strikes up a tentative friendship with Tracy. Dietrich (a passionate Nazi-hater) brings a surprising depth of feeling to her portrait of a woman caught between her love for her country and the terrible times in which she lives.

In the midst of all this are two brief yet absolutely mesmerizing performances: Montgomery Clift and Judy Garland as victims of Nazi atrocities. Both are heartbreaking as individuals haunted by Nazi persecution; struggling to rebuild life and regain dignity.

Burt Lancaster makes an interesting departure from his usual gutsy male hero; here he plays the chief defendant, the former Minister of Justice. Lancaster abandoned his usual bluster here; this is a terribly moving performance: the man's quiet surface dignity belies the guilt he lives with.

A young William Shatner makes an appearance as the lead judge's aide, in one of his first film roles.

Re: Judgement at Nuremburg (U.S.A. 1961)

Postby wpqx » Tue Mar 27, 2007 3:05 pm

I enjoyed the film as I've pretty much admired all of Kramer's 60's work. The parade of stars help to eat up the 3 hour running time of the film.

Re: Judgement at Nuremburg (U.S.A. 1961)

Postby A » Thu Apr 26, 2007 12:46 am

Nice to see you posting lengthier comments peppajaa. I hope this will happen more often.

Judgment is also one of my favorite films, and imo one of the best Hollywood made about the second World War.

The script and the direction are great indeed, but you also shouldn't forget the phantastic camerawork, especially during some of the interrogation scenes where it keeps tracking around the character's heads, as if trying to find an entrance into their minds.

The performances were completely stunning. At first I didn't even recognize Judy Garland! Almost everybody did something different this time around.

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