Linger (Hu Die Fei) (2007) (Hong Kong)

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Linger (Hu Die Fei) (2007) (Hong Kong)

Postby hengcs » Wed Mar 26, 2008 7:24 am

Director: Johnnie To
Cast: Vic Chou, Li Bing Bing

A popular chap in the school switches girlfriend, and wants to know if she loves him indeed. Unfortunately, tragedy strikes and the girl is haunted by his spirit ...

My Thoughts

-- I feel that the director had made a strategically wrong decision. If he had wanted a "romance" (likened to Titanic, quoting some media), then he shouldn't have made the initial half so scary and horrifying (no pun intended). Yup, the first half felt so haunted as the girl was constantly shocked by the dead, the guy's spirit and shadow, such that all notions of love and romance had been dispelled long ago ... By the second half, when the director was hoping to tear you with all the reasons behind the tragedy (incl. the romance and love, their family, their history, etc), the audience were not in the mood for it ...

-- As for the plot ...
(i) most important of all, the question as to why ALL these relentless "haunting" by the male protagonist was NOT compelling when the final answer was revealed ... sigh ...
(ii) when the story of the guy during his childhood days was told, it felt so "passe" (familiar) to me ... sorry

What is okay ...

-- Execution: I like the accident scene in the beginning and a repeat of it near the end ... very well executed ...
-- Acting: It is basically a film that may help showcase the range of acting by the female lead, Li Bing Bing
-- Idol: or if you are a fan of Vic Chou, his maiden appearance on the movie screen ...

Hmmm ... so so. I simply think the director is unsure whether he wants a horror film or a romance film. Also, the script needs some polishing.

PS: Other reviewers

Re: Linger (Hu Die Fei) (2007) (Hong Kong)

Postby hengcs » Fri Mar 28, 2008 3:54 pm

originally posted by R6dw6C (27-Mar-08 11:51 PM)

R6dw6C wrote: @ hengcs:

Thanks a lot! You're maybe sorry to hear but your review made my interest increase a lot. A film which cannot decide wether it want to be Romance or Horror - that sounds intriguing (I'm almost always intrigued if people criticize that a film cannot decide to which department it wants to belong - the same was also true with South Korea's "The Host" which received many mediocre or even bad reviews - I loved it...). And since I saw "Sparrow" at the Berlinale, I'm also convinced that To is as virtuosical at (Romantic) Comedies as in Gangster films.

Beside the masterful "PTU" and "Sparrow", I've also seen "Breaking News", imo the weakest of those three. But I'm already in love with his style, his point of view, his relationship with his protagonists. It's a weird mixture of cinematic nostalgia, tough realism, slightly surreal stylization and melancholical romanticism - just wonderful. I'm not into RomComs usually but "Sparrow" (though it is more of a criminal Comedy) really inspired me. We have a lot of his films in review, do visit the index.

recent film ...
-- In terms of editing, you may like to watch Eye In The Sky
-- Election 1 and Election 2 are also good, but I would rather he condensed them into 1 three hr film to deliver more punch ...

older films
-- mainstream audience like ... Exiled, The Mission, Running Out of Time, The Longest Nite, All About Ah-Long

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