Kung Fu (aka Kung Fu Hustle) (2004) (Hong Kong)

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Kung Fu (aka Kung Fu Hustle) (2004) (Hong Kong)

Postby hengcs » Mon Dec 27, 2004 5:55 pm

The official website (with English language) is here

Even the trailer has English commentary and subtitles!

Has anyone watched?

In the mainland China, the three day record (Thur. - Sun.) is approximately 50 million yuans (US$ 6.04 million). In the city of Hong Kong, the revenue for the three day record (Thur. - Sat.) is roughly HK$ 15 million (US$ 1.93 million).

My guess
-- If you like Shaolin Soccer, you will like this better.
-- If you do NOT like Shaolin Soccer, you will NOT like this.
-- If you like Stephen Chow's style (or kind of humor), you will like this movie.

Comments from a friend (NOT from me)
-- hardly any plot; too exaggerated; special effects overdone. but what else to expect from a stephen chow's movie? people might like the stephen chowness, but nothing else.
-- the only watchable kungfu scenes are those from the three guys (shi-er-lu tan tui; tie-xian quan; and e-lang-ba-guo gun).

Will I watch? yup ... when it is available here or on DVD.

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