Qn: Good short films.....HELP!

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Re: Qn: Good short films.....HELP!

Postby Johndav » Wed Jan 11, 2006 7:31 pm

Une Partie de Campagne (Renoir) is the best film of under an hour.

Some great animated shorts:

Street of Crocodiles (Quay bros)
Tale of Tales (Norstein)
The Wrong Trousers (Park)
The Mascot (Starewicz)
What's Opera, Doc? (Jones)
Duck Amuck (Jones)
Begone Dull Care (Mclaren) handpainted
Colour Box (Lye) handpainted

Live action (many are experimental films):

A Trip to the Moon (Melies)
Voyage beyond the Impossible (Melies) silent
Dream of a Rarebit Fiend (Porter) silent
Un Chien Andalou (Bunuel) silent
Entr'acte (Clair) silent
Twilight of a Woman's Soul (Bauer) silent
Daydreams (Bauer) silent
Cops (Cline) silent
Mysteries of the Castle of Dice (Man Ray)
The Music Box (Parrott)
White Mane (Lamorisse)
The Red Balloon (Lamorisse)
Meshes of the Afternoon (Deren)
La Jetee (Marker)
Birth of a Robot (Lye)
Neighbours (Mclaren)- pixillation
Inauguraton of the Pleasure Dome (Anger)
Denko (Camara)

one i'd love to see:
Isle of Flowers (Furtado)

Re: Qn: Good short films.....HELP!

Postby chris aberystwyth » Wed Jan 11, 2006 11:59 pm

un chien andalou is a must see
La Jetee is also good, quite experimental in that it is a series of still images but you will recognise the story if you have seen Twelve Monkeys - gilliam lifted the whole story from here. i would add some Kenneth Anger and Peter Greenaway films to the list as well. these are the ones i've seen but there are more. all four are quite experimental. Anger was brought up in Hollywood so a lot of his films go against the normal Hollywood aesthetic.
Scorpio rising (Anger)
Rabbit's Moon (Anger)
H is for House (Greenaway)
Windows (Greenaway)
chris aberystwyth

Re: Qn: Good short films.....HELP!

Postby trevor826 » Wed Jan 11, 2006 11:59 pm

I found the answer to the film of the car racing through Paris, it was "C'tait un rendez-vous" directed by Claude Lelouch. My dating was more than a little off though, it was made in 1976.

Very good short, a one off that's well worth checking out.

Cheers Trev.

Re: Qn: Good short films.....HELP!

Postby Unregistered(d) » Thu Jan 12, 2006 12:40 am

Scorsese's LIFE LESSONS from New York Stories.

PASSION ACCORDING TO GLEN GOULD from 32 short films about Glen Gould.


And Irritu's MEXICO from 11/9/01

Re: Qn: Good short films.....HELP!

Postby A » Fri Jan 13, 2006 12:58 am

Yeah, I remeber Innaritu's offering from the compilation film. It was very impressive and easily the best.
A short by Claude Lelouch that far in his career? Where can I see this? (It probably wasn't the short I meant.)
The few Greenaway shorts I've seen weren't impressive, and I didn't like "Windows", though I'm a fan of him...

Re: Qn: Good short films.....HELP!

Postby madhuban » Fri Jan 13, 2006 5:57 am

@ A

The Lelouch film from the September 11 anthology is interesting only because he does amazing things with sound via a deaf and mute protagonist. But the end is a spoiler!

I did not care too much for Innaritu's film. For me, the best film in that anthology, is clearly Samira's segment. Other than her take on literacy (evident in "Apple" and "Blackboards"), the film also comments on globalisation and the production/privileging of information. The final moments of the film when the children look at the chimney of the brick kiln (the teacher uses it as an analogy for the WTC towers) and mourn the dead is a strangely ironic moment. Ironic because you've been told already that they are making bricks to protect themselves from american bombs!


Re: Qn: Good short films.....HELP!

Postby A » Sat Jan 14, 2006 1:02 am

Well, I found Innaritu did amazing things with sound and picture in his segment. But the segment by Samira Makhmalbaf was also great. It stuck in my mind, but I forgot that she made it. Yes, the ending is great. A compassion most americans wouldn't consider for nations who are bombing them!

Re: Qn: Good short films.....HELP!

Postby madhuban » Wed Jan 18, 2006 9:30 am

A had asked for some comments on the Egoyan shorts. Belated, but nevertheless...

A, you are right about Egoyan being more experimental with his shorts (at least from what I have seen till now). "Howard In Particular", "Peepshow" and "Open House" share the same interest in technology and the manner in which it mediates experience (as in his features), but he takes more stylistic risks with them. On one level, Howard, Peepshow and Open House deal with audio recording (disembodied voice), the photo-machine and the telephone, but in each of the films, a different sort of relationship is set up between the user and the gadget, leading to widely different experiences. Howard, which he made while he was still a student, uses the diembodied voice to talk about power and surveillance. An old man on his retirement day is directed to an empty room with a tape recorder that plays a speech by his boss, recounting several things that he did as an employee in the company. "Peepshow" is an istallation-like film playing with the technology of an instant photo booth. A man enters the booth to get himself photographed and bizarre visuals emerge from this encounter. The use of colour is particularly striking. My favourite, however, is "Open House" because it allows you to read it in many ways. It is a simple story of a man (posing as a real estate agent) who takes a couple to see a house. When the couple seem to get serious about buying the house, the man (who is revealed to be the son of the house) uses a phone trick to tell them that an earlier customer has just bought the house. In short, you are left with the feeling that this little rigmarole is staged repeatedly by the son, but you are not told why. He brings prospective buyers to his own house, only to tell them, while theyare looking at the property, that it has just been sold! The sinister feel of the film is mostly the result of some brilliant camera-work. None of the characters emerge as "normal" people (except, perhaps the wife to some extent) because of the way the camera chooses to shoot them. Most of them lie to each other about themselves, but the most sinister moments are when the camera captures them in close-ups and they think nobody's observing them. The camera as a violent interloper, is foregrounded in this lovely little film, in a way that comments on the ruses of technology (the phone trick, the slide projector that the father plays with like a maniac behind a closed door) via another, more powerful technology that is able to show up the trick for what it really is. A sense of decay pervades the film - from the shrouded furniture and the ailing father to the derelict backyard. And amidst this sense of doom, the characters play out a weird tale of social courtesy around the fictive event of buying/selling a house.


Re: Qn: Good short films.....HELP!

Postby Johndav » Wed Jan 18, 2006 1:52 pm

Back to A Nightmare before Xmas: any fans of this- Sara et al- may enjoy the stop-motion animations of Wladislaw Starewicz, through the silent era into the 30's. The Mascot has similarites with both Nightmare before Xmas (ghoulish moments) and The Wrong Trousers (charming dog hanging off back of a car, ears flapping etc). It would seem to me an influence on both. A distinctive, eccentric film-maker- see also the longer Tale of the Fox (a technical tour de force), Town Rat Country Rat (a charmer)

Re: Qn: Good short films.....HELP!

Postby trevor826 » Thu Jan 19, 2006 1:49 am

The perfect antidote for those not keen on Amelie, a parody but set in the real Paris rather than Jeunet's romanticised vision. "Le Fabulux Destin de Perrine Martin", Perrine leaves the theatre after watching Amelie determined to emulate the heroine, helping people and being more adventurous, each time she tries to emulate what she's seen it all goes wrong from skimming stones at the same spot only to find it's a drained cannal, to dragging a blind man around describing everything while all he's doing is getting angrier every second. A great fun short directed by Olivier Ciappa.

Cheers Trev.


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