Canuck films

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Canuck films

Postby admin-2 » Sat Oct 19, 2002 3:59 am

As a Canadian, I realise that most of you non-Canadians may not have seen some of our more interesting films. So here are a few that you really should track down (I'm staying away from Egoyan, Maddin, Arcand and Cronenberg)

1/ THE BIG CRIMEWAVE (John Paizs, 1985)
2/ NO SKIN OFF MY ASS (Bruce LaBruce, 1991)
4/ THE THREE WORLDS OF NICK (John Paizs, '80's)
5/ THE HANGING GARDEN (Thom Fitzgerald, 1997)
6/ DIRTY (Bruce Sweeney, 1997)
7/ PROJECT GRIZZLY (Peter Lynch, 1996)
8/ CANNIBAL GIRLS (Ivan Reitman, 1973)
9/ PICTURES OF LIGHT (Peter Mettler, 1994)
10/ PERFECTLY NORMAL (Yves Simoneau, 1990)

Re: Canuck films

Postby bialastock » Fri Nov 15, 2002 10:24 pm

Donald Shebib's 1968 road movie "Goin Down the Road" is generally considered the greatest Canadian film ever. It was a brilliant precursor to the many independent and road films that followed later. Claude Jutra's "My Uncle Antoine" is also considered an art-film classic.

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Postby katsuben » Mon Nov 18, 2002 7:40 am

What is it with Canucks and road movies? And why are all my friends who travel to Canada road movie fans? I guess it's a big country...

I'm wondering what Lepage's No and Possible Worlds are like? These haven't made it to my distant shores and although I'm not a major fan of either The Polygraph or The Confessional (although i do like the chess scene), I did enjoy his Seven Streams of the River Ota theatrical production (so that did make it here) and guess he might have an interesting film in him somewhere.

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Postby Arletty » Tue Nov 19, 2002 5:46 am

admin-2: I am married to a half Canadian - his mother is from Calgary (a little bit of Pegan lood methinks - a fascinating woman)so all things Canadian intrigue me. I find Canadian films are a fine mix of European sensibilities and North American pragmatism. We often a treated to Canadian animated short films down-under on our government sponsored ethnic television network, SBS. Thank you for the recommendations. I shall follow up on them.

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Postby stof_ » Mon Nov 25, 2002 7:06 pm

as proud canadian film fan, It's nice to see some discussion on the topic. Canadian cinema tends to get written off as lowbudget american cinema and that really is a shame.
for a ten best list I'd have to say
1. Last Night
2. the hanging garden
3. jesus of montreal
4. Goin down the road
5. Videodrome
6. Goin down the road
7. Bollywood/Hollywood
8. Waydowntown
9. Hardcore logo
10. Possible Worlds(to Katsuben, its a surreal masterpiece along the lines of "Open your eyes")

with the exception of Jesus of Montreal I haven't really had a chance to break into quebec cinema. any suggestions on some great french canadian stuff?

Re: Canuck films

Postby stof_ » Mon Nov 25, 2002 7:07 pm

oops, replace one of those "goin down the road's" with Cube or Black Robe


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