Godard or Truffaut?

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Godard or Truffaut?

Postby jman » Wed May 31, 2000 1:36 am

Which French director contributed more to the French New Wave and world cinema in general...Godard or Truffaut?

Re: Godard or Truffaut?

Postby dan-2 » Sat Jun 03, 2000 4:39 am

Godard's influence has been largely negative - encouraging too many novice directors to dispense with any coherence. Truffaut made much better films - Les 400 Coups, Jules et Jim, Shoot the Piano Player, and two or three others. Truffaut sold out (a common problem for '60s directors), but no can look at Les 400 Coups and not see it as one of the great films for the ages. My vote: Truffaut!

Re: Godard or Truffaut?

Postby hobbit55 » Sat Jun 24, 2000 2:42 am

For Ever godard!

Re: Godard or Truffaut?

Postby MoWax » Sun Jun 25, 2000 6:30 pm

I would argue with anyone who would ever try to say that Truffaut was the better director. They were both so different its hard to compare, but I think if you look at the last 15 years of film, youll see where Godard laid his mark. Godard's films are just as good as Truffaut's (to me at least), but not only that, Godard is an inspiration to all those who want to be a director. he's always doen what he feels, and whether that involved going to explore his navel with his videocamera or making a big budget film co-starring Jack Palance, its always been what he wanted it to be. He never "sold out" like Truffaut. He never once tried to simply win over the audience, and while that left some in the dark, it only made his followers love him more. He is one of the godfathers of whats now called independant film, but he is even more then that. He's a phenomonal artist who came at a time when film needed to be dumped on its head, and thats a lot more then can be said for Truffaut...

Re: Godard or Truffaut?

Postby kinggodard » Sat Jul 01, 2000 9:37 am

Godard of course. Truffaut style is somewhat more mature,influenced heavily by literature. Godard is much more carefree, funky, cheeky...he films what he sees around him,he writes whatever inside his heart,his earlier films were inspired by jazz and american pop culture. His dialogues are sharp,witty,observant,poetic,funny,dark. he inspired guys like tarantino,araki,wong kar wai,hartley. where truffaut characters are tiresome,and eventually irritating after awhile Godard's characters are compelling to watch even when they are 'angsty'. 'breathless' is to this day, one of the best film around...rich dialouge,funky soundtrack, hand held, natural lighting. he made everything looked easy and seamless. so Godard is my man.

Re: Godard or Truffaut?

Postby bavasawa » Tue Aug 08, 2000 10:03 pm

I'd say Godard as well but both were great.

Re: Godard or Truffaut?

Postby LF_CELINE » Wed Aug 09, 2000 7:39 pm

I'd say Truffaut...not only for his films (which any argument for Godard's films one can make for Truffauts...the cheekiness, the clunkiness, etc) but also for his days as a critic...here was a guy who was vitriolic and scathing in his criticisms of films he disliked, and affectionate and passionate about the films he loved...he came up with the "Auteur" theory (a director should leave his own personal mark on every film)...some of his articles helped the careers and critical viewpoints of such directors as Ophuls, Hitchcock (who was pretty much considered a "talented haack" before Truffaut), Sam Fuller, Louis Aldrich...he also tried to help his upstarting friends make their films (he wrote the original story that became "Breathless", for example)

As far as his films are concerned...I'd also make the argument that he NEVER sold out....where as Godard was trying his hardest to prove how much of an "anarchist" he was, Truffaut went more for the kind of subversion that Hitchcock was known for....take a regular Hollywood-type of storyline and expose the rot underneath just enough to get the audience uncomfortable not only with the movie, but aspects of themselves they see on screen..

yeah, I'd see "400 Blows" over "Day For Night" any day of the week, but that's not say I wouldn't wait in line to see "Day For Night"...yeah he got more technically proffient over the years, but so does anybody who loves their craft.....

As far as Godard, a friend of mine who REALLY loves him put it best when he said "Truffaut made films....Godard makes Thesis"...I guess I'd rather watch films...

Re: Godard or Truffaut?

Postby Jepp » Sat Sep 02, 2000 3:21 am

Truffaut. And I can give you 400 reasons why.

Re: Godard or Truffaut?

Postby solent » Tue Sep 05, 2000 10:56 pm

I agree with those who imply that Godard was the experimentor, the risk-taker and the true independent artist. Truffaut was a more conventional and literary interpreter. A good filmkaker but not an integral part of his films like Godard is. Truffaut creates a work of art...and then sets it free. Godard also creates but leaves his self inextricably entwined within his films. Only a vibrant artist like Godard can truly influence others. [Interesting when one considers that only his 1959-67 films are enough to firmly establish his immortal reputaion.]

Re: Godard or Truffaut?

Postby katsuben » Mon Sep 11, 2000 12:09 pm


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