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Re: Finest Actress

Postby asia_bebe » Wed Jul 09, 2003 8:33 pm

THEIR IS ALWAYS one Person I would FOREVER PUT AS BEST ACTRESS and that would BE :

BRIGITTE LIN CHIN HSAI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

gosh SHE STARS In like about 100 MOVIES !!!!!! I AM A BIG BIG FAN OF HERS and sTILL is, even tho she retire for the ent. industry but, it's all GOOD!
check out my site for Lin at:

well here is my list //////>><<//////

1: Brigitte Lin Chin Hsai
2: Michelle Yeoh
3: Gong Li
4: Maggie Chung
5: Zhang Ziyi
6: Joey Wang

Re: Finest Actress

Postby tijbc78 » Sat Jul 12, 2003 4:31 am

I think you are asking about the finest actress, not who looks better or who's more popular,some of these people are in the wrong board.

Re: Finest Actress

Postby wpqx1 » Sat Nov 15, 2003 6:48 pm

Just to add one more. I just saw The Road Home, again and was completely mesmerized by Zhang Ziyi.

Re: Finest Actress

Postby Mik » Sun Nov 16, 2003 12:37 pm

This is my list:
Masina, Giulietta
Aimee, Anouk
Terekhova Margarita

Re: Finest Actress

Postby nina* » Mon Nov 17, 2003 10:42 am

Finally.. a retarted thread (besides that jesus one). Vivien leigh, Meg Tilly (and her sister too), Asia Argento, Helena Bonham Carter, Vampira (aka Maila Nurmi), Lisa Bonet from Cosby, Sherilyn Fenn & Joan Chen in Twin Peaks and if any personality is allowed Talullah Bankhead and Bette Davis as Baby Jane.. And the "model-actresses": Sybil Buck, Shalom Harlow & Eve (the bald one). & Pretty actors/wo-MAN: Pascal Greggory (in a gothic way) & Jean-Hugues Anglade (who wouldn't be attractive with blood coming through they're skin/ or as poisoned in general) in Queen Margot, Terence Stamp in Pricilla, John Cameron Mitchel as Hedwig (and off Hedwig), Raul Julia (ah-bug eyes), Tim Curry (satanic smile and bug eyes, thow I like him better heavyer) & Richard O'brien in Rocky Horror (who wouldn't love a anorexic hunchback), Guy Pierce in L.A. Confidential (glasses and buck theet-ah..sweet), Alan Cumming(s?) (quirky nerdy pervert..) ..and almost forgot: Paul Reubens/Pee-Wee Herman (expecially in the mug shots).. AND if music videos count: Skin (from the girls), Jarvis Cocker (quirky and has über glasses.. (I know: life's just not fair boys..:-( )), Brett Andersson (before he got the same virus as the baby in the Addams family 2, Brian Molko (maybe?with long hair?/he just seems to b chuch a lovely diva bitch..) & the guy in the "The Knife" video (I don't remember the song: the albums called "Deep Cuts"-anybody?). Should I get my own thread here? The ugliest male: Brad Pitt -he looks like an ape! (sorry, I don't really think there are ugly people, except for him -yak- but hey, -some females seem to like him..) second place (it would be rude to nominate just one..): Tom Cruise -I just don't get it. 3: Vincent Perez -it might b just his discusting personality that shines through.. and as he can't keep his clothes on, it's just too much "shining". I could just go on and on and on forever.. Im sure I got all the boys attempting suicide for being so ugly.. AND ANYONE WHO THINKS HE'S HOT ENOUGH 4 MY LIST, CAN EMAIL ME HIS PICTURE!-no nude ones, thank you very much.. (but then again Im pretty much a Libertin..) obviosly you don't have to b an actor.

Re: Finest Actress

Postby nina* » Mon Nov 17, 2003 10:55 am

Arrgh... forgot: Farinelli in The Farinelli movie, 'cos I like my boys without balls (4 various reasons.. the high pitch voice for one..).

Re: Finest Actress

Postby Gaz » Mon Nov 17, 2003 12:33 pm

You must have the most terrible problems finding a boyfriend.

Re: Finest Actress

Postby jh66 » Mon Nov 17, 2003 1:36 pm

fanny ardant was gorgeous as Marie de Guise in ELIZABETH (2000)-even though she was 45 at the time!!!

Re: Finest Actress

Postby nina* » Tue Nov 18, 2003 1:11 am

Well Gaz, I suppose I would if I was to only settle for one.. (straight one).

Re: Finest Actress

Postby Gaz » Tue Nov 18, 2003 6:55 am

A very sensible attitude. :-)


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