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Postby FilmLover » Mon Jul 17, 2000 3:02 pm

Has anyone else seen this film? Although the reviews of the film were less than favorable, I think this is a film worth your while to see!
ANy comments?


Re: Kikujiro

Postby mikiear » Mon Jul 24, 2000 2:28 am

kikujro is a fine film although some critics disliked it. My favorite is Ran.

Re: Kikujiro

Postby monkeyfilm » Thu Oct 19, 2000 9:35 pm

Kikujiro is a film putting together the innocence of both adults and kids. It touches the wonderland in not only the director's (Kitano), but also in our mind. There was a minute in the theater, I thought that I could live in that kind of pure and simple life again. :P

Re: Kikujiro

Postby nitin jagdish » Wed Feb 07, 2001 1:10 pm

this movie deserved much much better.
a flexing of style.
a surrogate parent-child story where the surrogate
parent [thankfully] didn't Learn Something and Grow in
a Meaningful Manner.
a flat out masterpiece.
why isn't this japanese renaissance man
[it seems the only thing he cant do is ride
a motorcycle]
toasted more?

nitin jagdish

Re: Kikujiro

Postby nitin jagdish » Thu Feb 08, 2001 12:25 pm

is it just me, or does the main theme from this
movie sound more than a bit like roxette's 'listen
to your heart?'
nitin jagdish

Re: Kikujiro

Postby Chickp1017 » Wed Feb 28, 2001 10:13 am

I thought this was a thoroughly charming movie; I was completely enchanted by it. Although it could have easily fallen into the "kid-with-a-sad-story-wins-over-tough guy" cliche, this film easily avoids falling into that trap and instead comes across as a warm, poignant film of simple beauty and charm. It's nice to see so many fans of Japanese films.

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