Can excrements be a piece of art ?

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Can excrements be a piece of art ?

Postby szindbad » Tue May 13, 2003 10:29 am

I'm worried about future of European cinema. Recently we've had "pleasure" to see a string of extremely brutal and creepy films like "Irréversible", "Baise-moi", "Hundstage", directed by sick people who dare to name themselves "artists". Gaspar Noé with his sick imagination is rather a candidate to mental hospital than art-house cinema. The most miserable is enthusiastic reaction from some critics who describe these movies as "new sensibility in cinema". In my opinion, watching "Irréversible" is nothing else but a kind of coprofagy. I say NO!! to filmmakers whose only rule is "vomit to be noticed". What's your opinion about that?

Re: Can excrements be a piece of art ?

Postby auteur » Tue May 13, 2003 11:39 am

I found IRREVERSIBLE quite moving, with a strong message about the absurdity of revenge. The woman's former and current boyfriend take revenge on the wrong man, while the perpetrator remains free to victimize others. The revelation, towards the end, that there was an additional, most innocent of victims, was powerful and reminded me that when violence is perpetrated there are often innocent, unintended victims. This Argentinian expatriate(Noe) conveys the horror and repercussions of violence. He refuses to use it for thrills and escapism. I commend your consideration of moral issues few dare to discuss, but you are picking on the wrong film. Violence should be revolting. What may be morally suspect is for a film to make you feel comfortable with the violence on screen, to treat it lightly.

Re: Can excrements be a piece of art ?

Postby bmxsuperhero » Thu May 15, 2003 3:46 am

New French cinema is not the first to show graphic displays of excriment to gain attention. If anyone remembers Pasolini's "The Canterbury Tales," the final scene of the film shows the devil deficating quite graphically. Sometimes directors have to disguise their films as 'shocking' to get their message heard.

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