Mizoguchi films on video or DVD

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Mizoguchi films on video or DVD

Postby FF-jason » Wed Jun 04, 2003 11:48 pm

Mizoguchi made over 50 films... and how many are available on video or DVD in the US/UK? Help me compile a list (including OOP) of everything that is out there. Consider this a first step towards action.

List so far...
- 47 Ronin (DVD)
- The Sisters of Gion (VHS)
- The Life of Oharu (VHS)
- The Story of the Last Chrysantheum (VHS)
- Sansho the Bailiff (VHS)
- Street of Shame (VHS)
- Ugetsu (VHS)
- Osaka Elegy (VHS)
- A Geisha (VHS) - OOP
- Princess Yang Kwei Fei (VHS) - OOP

Many thanks,

Re: Mizoguchi films on video or DVD

Postby gratefultiger » Fri Jun 06, 2003 2:31 am

"New Tales Of The Taira Clan" is available on VHS as i have a copy, choice it is!also a doco on the great man is out there.

Re: Mizoguchi films on video or DVD

Postby john-5 » Sun Jun 08, 2003 2:59 pm

As only 4 are available in Britain, i had to get some of those listed above from France (with French subtitles)- including Miss Oyu, which is a beautiful neglected little gem. Sisters of the Gion, Street of Shame and Osaka Elegy are available in US, i understand; can anyone say if the videos will work on UK machines? Being in black and white i hope they will turn out o.k, as the French ones did.

Re: Mizoguchi films on video or DVD

Postby Gaz » Sun Jun 08, 2003 3:49 pm

American NTSC videos are not compatible with British PAL VCRs. It is possible to convert them to PAL though if you can find somewhere to perform this task.

Re: Mizoguchi films on video or DVD

Postby moviemaniac » Tue Jul 01, 2003 2:07 am

For FF-Admin

i m a fan of L'Amant. Do you know where i can purchase and download the movie that starred Tony Leung & Jane March, from the internet without having to buy the DVD or VCD.

Your advise and assistance are appreciated.


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