Made in Hong Kong

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Made in Hong Kong

Postby BEK » Thu Aug 17, 2000 2:20 am

A surprisingly deep film about being a tough teenage boy in Hong Kong. While it ain't Wong Kar-wai, it's not idiotic like John Woo. And certainly worth a look. Directed by Fruit Chan.

Re: Made in Hong Kong

Postby IngysDayOff » Thu Nov 30, 2000 12:24 am

Wong Kar-Wai is one of the best filmmakers working. His best is perhaps his latest, "In the Mood for Love." A masterpiece. I also adore "Chungking Express" and "Fallen Angels."

Re: Made in Hong Kong

Postby grimsarrow » Mon Jul 16, 2001 2:43 am

Don't forget "Little Cheung" and "Durian, Durian". should have entres for Fruit Chan films.

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