American cinema as Foreign Film

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Re: American cinema as Foreign Film

Postby auteur » Tue Nov 18, 2003 6:04 pm

Thanks Gaz. I agree with you.

Re: American cinema as Foreign Film

Postby ustink » Tue Nov 18, 2003 6:27 pm

I was not trying to imply American as a genre. Why are the films here catagorized by country, along with genre if we cannot do the same with American? I guess no one has anything to really say about films from the U.S since everyone is intent on debating the "foreign". Oh well...

Re: American cinema as Foreign Film

Postby shopgal » Wed Nov 19, 2003 2:34 am

oh dear pims, sounds like all of us missed ur point? :P :)

ok, back to what u were original asking:
>>For all y'all non-americans out there, how do you feel about American movies? I guess they would be "foreign" to you. Just curious...

As I had previously mentioned, most of my local cinemas show American and HK films, so they are the staple. I find them more familiar than foreign. Therefore in general, I view both American (and HK) films as mainstream commercial films. Usually if I just want to watch s'thing for fun (spare cash, spare time or Valentine's/X'mas) I'll go for them.

Whereas since the "foreign" films are rare, only during film festivals, so only the BEST gets shown (esp. the individual festivals held by the embassies, the standard is usually high), therefore I take the extra effort to catch most of them. Having said that, "best" seems to mean "most commercially popular" in this yr's film fest though, sigh... Fan Fan la Tulipe (French) was quite a waste of time.

>>I was not trying to imply American as a genre. Why are the films here categorized by country, along with genre if we cannot do the same with American?

Yes, we can, as we all know, there are exceptional American films that touch the heart or expose s'thing about the human condition/culture (which is my own personal measure for gd films). And the few American films that do so, rank as highly as the few, good "foreign" films that made it into my country, for me.

Re: American cinema as Foreign Film

Postby nina* » Wed Nov 19, 2003 4:02 am

I think the more commercial a (American) movie the more "American" it's viewed. I think it's pretty much the same every where.. (ingluding US) most US movies are seen as entertaining (or shallow/stupid), British as the older generations entertaiment/boring and French as intellectual or artsy (or fake artsy porn) and to watch any other "nationality" you must really question things (or b a communist or other similiar creature). And about what is foreign.. (sorry Pims) from an American point of view I'd probably count most non US (weather it's in english language or not) films as forein.. And as US pop culture has pretty much, at least in some extend, spread every where, I'd think that at least the "mainstream" movies people don't generally see as foreign (at least in the initial sense of the word, anyway) and love it or hate it as much as Coke or McDonalds. Allthow maybe most do watch them a bit more objectively than maybe movies from they're own country(?) (and some, like The Godfather movies I think some people seem to put into different category, because of the "Italian American" factor, I might b makeing that up thow.. but I think they seem to get a little bit more respect 4 that reason). I don't think language alone could be the thing to determine what is foreign and what is not, I think it totally depends from one's personal point of fiew. I was watching "The Secret of Roan Inish" (Irish) one day with some American english speakers (I don't meen to generalizise here-!) (Bush joke: Bush probably would have asked "what language is this?" and then refused to watch "Iranian" terrorist movie..), for whom it might as well been in Heprew (as well as the subject being from Mars). And why do some of those (US films) Brit DVDs have been dubbed in Cocney? (Meaning, that Im no't sure if English can b count as just one language..;-).

Re: American cinema as Foreign Film

Postby ustink » Wed Nov 19, 2003 12:48 pm

thank u nina for your insight. i guess this is what i was looking for.


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