how does foreign films differ from

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how does foreign films differ from

Postby SammyandPriya » Mon Dec 15, 2003 3:21 pm

Please help I need to know different ways that foreing films differed from the typical "hollywood" films

Re: how does foreign films differ from

Postby nikki-1 » Mon Dec 15, 2003 3:39 pm

First, not all foreign films are great films. Some are just crappy movies in a different language.

That being said, I prefer foreign films to Hollywood films because they have more substance. Foreign films have better character development and they typically lay the characters out there and let the viewers 'feel' who is likeable.
Hollywood movies are very 'in your face'. They have the good guy and the bad guy and let you KNOW IT. Example, they'll show the good guy walking his dog, helping old ladies cross the street, being supernice to women, blah blah blah.
The bad guy is so bad, you either hate him on the spot or if you're psychotic, you want to be like him. The bad guy will sell drugs to 8yr olds, beat up women, have sex with 15yr old girls, and push granny down a flight of stairs.

The characters are laughable and do not have much substance. Hollywood movies are so overdone - if they try to portray a woman with lose morals, they'll have her sleeping with 10 plus guys and then some. Hollywood movies are excessive - too much violence, too much sex, too much crap. Yes, there is sex and violence in real life, but come on.

Foreign films are better defined - they delve more into the characters and don't focus too much on unneeded sex scenes when it is not needed. They also stay within the plot - ex: if it's a violent movie, you'll see raw violence.

There are very few Hollywood movies I like - A Few Good Men is one of them. This is one of the hollywood movies without the sex scene. Purely content.

Foreign films are more intellectual since they are not afraid of showing things the way the are. Yea, some people say they drag on and are a bit slow, but that's why I like them - time is spent on conversation, cinematography and not paying someone 20 million to show their breasts.

Think of it this way - most people who watch foreign movies don't speak the language and rely on subtitles. If the movie is crap, the audience will turn that crap off.

Re: how does foreign films differ from

Postby nina* » Mon Dec 15, 2003 5:03 pm do pay a lot of attention to sex scenes, dont you..;-) In European movies they f*ck for 30secs (and show it all); in the US movies they "make love" (half covered, saying corny lines like "youre skin is so soft")for 3 hours, but really never get to the point...

Re: how does foreign films differ from

Postby nikki-1 » Mon Dec 15, 2003 6:09 pm

It's not that I pay a lot of attention to sex scenes. The problem is American movies are overloaded with sex scenes or innuendos, violence, etc.
If I'm watching a movie like Exotica or any moving involving love/sex, I expect sex scenes, but the amount of sex in movies is ridiculous.
Maybe it's just me, but there is no reason to have sex in ALL movies. It's just to get more ppl to watch their dumb movie. It seems that even the movie makers know their films suck which is why they throw in the sex scene. Nothing wrong about sex, it's natural but a sex scene does not make the movie - in some cases, it cheapens it.

Perfect example: Titanic. Maybe if the director had spent more time on the historical aspect, rather than steaming up the car, the movie would have been a lot better. True, it made a lot of $$$, but I would not see it again. When the ship finally struck, it was like watching Niagara falls. The Poseidon Adventure was a lot better.


Re: how does foreign films differ from

Postby nina* » Mon Dec 15, 2003 7:14 pm

True. I was just teasing.

What comes to Titanic, I couldn't agree with you more.
What comes to the movie...speaking of corny.
It's usually a bonus for me if a movie is costume one, but I hate it when they over do make up or the costumes are theathrical and it doesn't seem realistic. I can't stand some of those 40s movies were Victorian dresses are rather been cut in the style of the current fashion. It shouldn't be obvious in wich decade a costume movie is made, not in those made today anyway. And to get back to the point Titanic is so 90s.

Re: how does foreign films differ from

Postby nina* » Mon Dec 15, 2003 7:23 pm

Oh and I think among the other actors, Kate Winslet really sucked in that movie.. There were no signs what so ever in her of upper class, victorian upbringing. Which also bugged me... Hate that movie.

Re: how does foreign films differ from

Postby smurfrevolt » Wed Dec 17, 2003 12:11 pm

Not all Hollywood movies are crap, and shallow. i quite liked "Fight Club." "moulin Rouge" too. But you have to appreciate it for what it is, it's a musical, and I just had fun with the production, and they really worked hard on the choreography and all. But plot-wise, forget it...

As for foreign films having less sex, not true. If you have watched "Sex and Lucia" and "Y tu mama tambien" and "Irreversible" you'd change your mind. but yes, the really good foreign films would most likely stick to the story and not just stick in a bunch of sex scenes to have people crowding the movie house or something.

Re: how does foreign films differ from

Postby nina* » Thu Dec 18, 2003 5:43 pm

Well dahhling, not ALL, just MOST...;-)

True, there's certainly more "on youre face" nudity & sex in the mainstream European movies. -Are Europeans more ok with sex and nudity than Americans?
I might say so, or maybe it's just the less amount of preachy christians; they know theyre place in here (just kidding here..:-).
Moulin Rouge is Australian; do you just categorise it as "Hollywood", I could see why..
BTW. I might b the first to say this, but after few time's watching it, it starts to seem a bit slow..

To get back to the guestion (I never answered it in the first place..;p). My shallow view is that: I think the most obvious difference between Hollywood and "other" movies, is the BUDGET.
And that the "foreighn films" actors less amount of plastic surgery..;p In Hollywood even the life time street junkie has, at least, uber white teeth...

Re: how does foreign films differ from

Postby samdeeks » Wed Jan 07, 2004 8:40 pm

Hollywood (by and large) has replaced dialogue with visual gratification. Foreign film (for many, many reasons - though budget / size of film industry is one) usually comes from more of a literary startpoint. By this I mean that most of the powerful foreign films on this list are completely dialogue-driven (i.e. driven by script) and NOT simply the visual language of the image.
Hollywood has become surface-obsessed (like our great capitalist western cultures) and this is reflected in the loss of language (and with it intelligence!). The result? Jerk-off special effects (that move no-one, see Pearl Harbour) and the same paradigm-enforcing story told a thousand times. Make no mistake, Matrix isn't some intelligent, new wave masterpiece. It's just good old spunky, frail humanity defeating the machine / evil hordes. Like independence day and... and... and... everything else. With, of course, a few intelligent exceptions. Anyone seen 'Ivan's XTC'? That was a thought-provoking film.

So, in response to the question: look at the different value placed on dialogue (language) in Hollywood and 'foreign' films. Look at the different value placed on the role of the image in Hollywood and foreign films. Look at which tradition of film-making actually tells more than one story a million times.... You could even play a game: watch the first 2 minutes of a Hollywood blockbuster new release and, in a group of friends, write the story before you watch it. If you let yourselves draw on everything you've ever seen from Hollywood up to that point, you will pretty much get it spot on. Because it's a foregone conclusion in most cases.

Don't believe me? Ok - Try this: how many times has the slighlty maverick, ne'er do well, rogue-ish unmarried drunk sacrificed his life to defeat the alien / enemy - buying himself absolution at the same time? You'll find it in many, many more movies than you think.

Re: how does foreign films differ from

Postby ustink » Thu Jan 08, 2004 5:38 pm

movies are movies
crap is crap
no need to get highbrow about foreign films;they just seem to have a different eye about them.
it is such a bore when one has to get into the mechanics of a movie to back up their preference of them.
agree that cinematography seems to be better than hollywood films, but again that is preference.
it is pleasant to discuss films, but it's not like it's getting us to some nirvana plateau or something.

about the sex in films, there's just too much of it, foreign or otherwise. doesn't anyone know how to tell a real story anymore? agree with the comment about sex selling films. most of the time it cheapens a movie.

will get off soapbox now.
this is not aimed at any of y'all in particular-sorry...

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