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German Films...

Postby Sarasnflr » Thu Oct 26, 2000 12:46 am

Has anyone ever seen the German Film "Run Lola Run?" Well...if you haven't it is very good. If you have don't tell anyone the ending!! It is a great movie!

Re: German Films...

Postby Dizzy_Bird » Tue Oct 31, 2000 1:36 am

I saw "Run, Lola, Run" a while ago and it blew me away. I had refrained from reading any material on the film and was extremely invigorated by the intensity of the films momentum. The structure was really interesting, even though it used the time-jumping and non-linear(ness) that has been characteristic of many independent films not nearly as good as this one. The approach was new and it is great to know that there are directors and writers who still want to visualize new ideas.

Re: German Films...

Postby kraljibi » Wed Dec 06, 2000 12:54 am

The director of Run Lola Run must have seen Krzysztof Kieslowski's "Przypadek" for the inspiration of the film's structure. Even if it was the case Run Lola Run is great fun.

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