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Re: Best Director Live or Dead

Postby bardamu_72 » Fri Dec 08, 2000 8:14 pm

Nitin-actually, most of S Ray's films HAVE been re-released by Columbia. The prints were re-mastered by James Ivory (of the Ivory/Merchant team)..."The Adversary", "The Chessplayer" and "Home And The World" (tr?) are the only ones left to be re-mastered as far as I know.

And I agree about S Ray...he was simply amazing, but he's often overshadowed (by me at least, but I'm sure by most people) by his mentor Jean Renoir simply because they both dealt with similar subjects in similar ways. But Ray is somebody who SHOULDN'T be forgotten, and he's starting to get a cult following up here in Seattle, so I guess that's good.

Re: Best Director Live or Dead

Postby nitin jagdish » Wed Dec 13, 2000 12:40 pm

bardamu_72, thanks for the info. i shall contact sony.
my knowledge of renoir stops at grand illusion [which is something i've been meaning to correct], but i understand your point. at that the same time, ray's visual style strikes something deeper within me. this is an area for further exploration.
nitin jagdish

Re: Best Director Live or Dead

Postby acquarello » Thu Dec 14, 2000 1:47 pm

It's great to see Satyajit Ray's name mentioned. Months ago, at another forum, my efforts to promote the Apu Trilogy quickly degenerated to idiotic Simpsons jokes.

As for the VHS tapes of Ray's films, I have the following from Columbia/Tri-Star, so I can confirm that, although the prints aren't perfect, they are all very good to excellent: The Apu Trilogy-Pather Panchali/Aparajito/Apur Sansar; Mahanagar (The Big City); Jalsaghar (The Music Room); Charulata (my favorite Ray film); Jana Aranya (The Middleman); Devi; Two Daughters (edited version of Three Daughters). They run at $20 retail each.

The following films are available from Facets, but no seems to be able to give me an opinion as to the quality of the prints, so I haven't picked them up yet: Days and Nights in the Forest; The Stranger; Distant Thunder; The Chess Players; The Adversary.

Not all of his films are available on video, but at least, some of his best films are.


Re: Best Director Live or Dead

Postby mikobandong » Wed Dec 27, 2000 6:47 pm

Tarkovsky, Fellini, Bergman, De Sica, Antonioni, Bunuel, Truffaut, Satyajit Ray and Polanski - not necessarily in that order from Fellini down.

Re: Best Director Live or Dead

Postby timofeevna » Fri Jan 19, 2001 3:08 pm

Bunuel. There was no other director whose last films, made when he was well beyond his sixties would be even better than his earlier films.

Re: Best Director Live or Dead

Postby cola » Sun Feb 18, 2001 6:15 pm

1. Ingmar Bergman (Best Film: PERSONA)
2. Andrei Tarkovsky (Best Film: ANDREI RUBLEV)
3. Charles Chaplin (Best Film: CITY LIGHTS)
4. Robert Bresson (Best Film: AU HASARD BALTHAZAR)
5. Orson Welles (Best Film: CITIZEN KANE [duh])
6. Alfred Hitchcock (Best Film: VERTIGO)
7. Federico Fellini (Best Film: 8 1/2 [duh, again])
8. D.W. Griffith (Best Film: INTOLERANCE)
9. Akira Kurosawa (Best Film: SEVEN SAMURAI)
10. John Ford (Best Film: THE SEARCHERS)

Other greats are Sergei Eisenstein, Kenji Mizoguchi, Jean-Luc Godard, Francois Truffaut, Pier Paolo Pasolini, Yasujiro Ozu, Dziga Vertov, Jean Renoir, Stanley Kubrick...

...too many to name, and there's no way I could rank them all!

Re: Best Director Live or Dead

Postby firetree65 » Sun Feb 18, 2001 11:58 pm

1. Tarkovsky
2. Resnais
3. Bergman
4. Antonioni
5. Satyajit Ray
6. De Sica
7. Bunuel
8. Altman
9. Fellini
Also Eisenstein, Renoir, Ford, Polanski, Bertolucci, Dreyer, Hitchcock, Chaplin & Welles.

Re: Best Director Live or Dead

Postby firetree65 » Mon Feb 19, 2001 12:02 am

Ooops, how could I forget Kurosawa and Ozu. Ozu should be before Fellini and I'd place Kurosawa somewhere else. Darn, it's so hard to rank these great directors. Just now, I remember I missed Bresson, Babenco, Schlondorff, Fassbinder, Tavernier... and the list goes on and on.

Re: Best Director Live or Dead

Postby Gaucho » Thu Mar 15, 2001 6:58 am

Debating abtou the best director... i find this interesting because almost or none of those people posted the messages haven't chosen Steven Speilberg... As well my choice would be 1. Charlie Chaplin (All of his films are priceless)
2. Steven Speilberg (Colour Purple, Empire of the Sun, Schindler's List and Saving Private Ryan)
3. Alfred Hithcock (Veritgo and Psycho)
4. Bernando Bertolucci (The Last of Emperor)
5. David Lean (Doctor Zhivago, Lawrence of Arabia and The Bridge on River Kwai)
6. George Lucas (Star Wars series)
7. John Ford (The Searchers)
8. John Huston (The African Queen)
9. Sergio Leone (Fistful of Dollars, Few Dollars More, The Good, The Bad and The Ugly)
10. Akira Kurosawa (Rashomon)
11. Ang Lee (Crounching Tiger, Hidden Dragon)

That s my list....


Re: Best Director Live or Dead

Postby BigBeatDM55 » Tue Apr 10, 2001 4:57 pm

Here is my list:
1.John Ford
2.Alfred Hitchcock
3.Orson Welles
4.Federico Fellini
5.Akira Kurosawa
6.Ingmar Bergman
7.Francois Truffaut
8.Jean Renoir


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