New Topic Idea: Films that Changed My LIfe

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New Topic Idea: Films that Changed My LIfe

Postby CClaudel » Tue Sep 26, 2000 5:50 am

films that changed my life (saw as a teenager): Hiroshima Mon Amour, A Man and a Woman,
Red Desert, The Red Balloon, A Hard Day's Night

Re: New Topic Idea: Films that Changed My LIfe

Postby BEK » Tue Sep 26, 2000 2:02 pm

Chungking Express and Fallen Angels, by Wong Kar-wai


Re: New Topic Idea: Films that Changed My LIfe

Postby shoehorn » Thu Sep 28, 2000 8:17 pm

I don't know about changing my life but these films definitely had an impact.

Apu Trilogy
The Great Adventure
The Quince Tree Sun
Au Hasard Balthazar
Forbidden Games
O Lucky Man
A Man Escaped
Bicycle Thief
Taste of Cherry
Mother and Son
Goodbye South Goodbye
Wings of Desire

Re: New Topic Idea: Films that Changed My LIfe

Postby katsuben » Mon Oct 09, 2000 2:53 pm

Because it was the first: 'The Jungle Book' (1967). 'Star Wars' because it was my staple diet between episodes of the A-Team and Knight Rider. 'The Right Stuff' because I always wanted to be an astronaut. 'Aliens' because it was my favourite film until I discovered the missing part of my brain (the bit which controls all the clues). 'Citizen Kane', 'Vertigo', 'On the Waterfront' and 'Casablanca' for obvious reasons. 'The Double Life of Veronique', 'Jesus of Montreal', 'La Femme Nikita' for initial explorations into foreign films. 'Leon' because something clicked. And since then everything which provided even the smallest detail of interest, but limiting myself to the chosen few: 'L'Avventura' for blocking and morality, 'Chungking Express' for its breeze, with all its diverse stylistic elements 'Vivre Sa Vie', 'Goodbye South, Goodbye' for rhythm and an introduction to the Taiwanese master, for hypnotic effect 'Last Yeat at Marienbad', 'Funny Games' for disturbing and manipulating me in the harshest fashionto date, for wackiness 'Branded to Kill', and every Bunuel -- for his irony more than his surrealism. Finally, weird as it may seem, for the demonstration of personal narrative John Ford's 'The Sun Shines Bright' which is hardly the most brilliant of self-conscious journey's but it may be the most clearly evident and sincere of those from a major director within Hollywood. Actually, this list needs to be much much longer. Films are watched in certain moods, places, and at various times in one's life. It's not so much how the single film changes a life, it's how a film is perceived differently at various stages of consciousness. I still remember the red curtains around the frame of 'The Jungle Book' but I can't recall the movie and don't want to because the experience was not about the film it was about the act of observing a film for the first time. :)

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