favourite film moments

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favourite film moments

Postby K is for Katherine » Sat Jun 02, 2001 8:31 am

For every film I love, seeing or hearing its name again always brings to mind a perfect moment or scene, and I was wondering what people’s favourite or perfect moments were from their most-loved or most memorable films..?

Hmmm... La Dolce Vita, beyond the now-cliched but still classic Anita Ekberg wade through the fountain, I picture the short scene where Marcello escapes the hurly burly and is served at the deserted cafe by the innocent girl. Well, that may not be a good example. The opening of Last Year at Marienbad, with the camera panning down the ornate hotel corridors accompanied by the hypnotic monologue. Apart from the obvious ones in The Seventh Seal, the gravity on the faces of the knight and his squire as the parade of peasants whipping themselves passes, again when they come across the girl being burnt at the stake. In The Thin Red Line, the grassy hills shimmering in the wind, beauty before the slaughter. Jean Reno's proud posture and distant look, as he says "Bring me the Frenchman" in The Big Blue...

K is for Katherine

Re: favourite film moments

Postby katsuben » Sun Jun 03, 2001 1:36 am

For me, the best moments in a film are those that reveal the essence of the narrative as a whole, but very succintly. L'AVVENTURA - the deserted town (Noto?) followed by the love scene on the hilltop. MAUVAIS SANG - Lavant running in the 'Modern Love' scene. GOOD MEN, GOOD WOMEN - The sisters arguing on the squash court and the dancing/reconciliation in the nightclub. I AM CUBA - The swish-pans on the cane-cutter. SANSHO THE BAILIFF - Sister drowning herself when brother escapes. UNE FEMME DOUCE - Husband's pathetic carress of Dominique Sanda's hair when she agrees to remain his wife. ANTONIO DAS MORTES - the feverish sword fight between Antonio and the Campaniero (sp?). But there are some films without, I think conscious, key scenes. It's hard to pick out one moment from an Ozu film. Or even Kiarostami. Hard for me, at least. Conversely, with Hou Hsiao-hsien I feel each and every scene is key in terms of thematic context.

Re: favourite film moments

Postby katsuben » Sun Jun 03, 2001 1:38 am

I really like it when Marcello sees the young girl on the beach after the exhausting party at the end. It seems the film is almost about this young girl whom we hardly get to see (in a representative sense).

Re: favourite film moments

Postby nana » Mon Jun 04, 2001 1:00 am

if i had to pick one...
toward the end of ashes of time where maggie cheung
aka the woman reveal her story on the beach scene.
especially the close up on her teary eyes.


Re: favourite film moments

Postby faceheide » Sun Jun 24, 2001 5:39 pm

I know it's not a foreign film, but my all time favorite flm moment is when Elaine screams "Beeeeeen!" in The Graduate. The whole scene at her wedding is my favorite scene ever. I'm big on endings. They can make or break a movie for me. As far as favorite moments in foreign films...hmmm...I'll get back to you on that.

Re: favourite film moments

Postby maxdname-1 » Sun Jun 24, 2001 9:40 pm

funkyduck, "La Dolce Vita" IS about that innocent girl on the beach we hardly ever see! That was the embodyment of the life Marcello would have led if he had followed his original path from "I Vitelloni."

Best moment for me is Toto watching "his film" left to him by Alfredo in "Cinema Paradiso"
Mifune falling to his knees - weeping - during the climatic fight scene in "Seven Samurai"
the little crippled girl with the "coke bottle" glasses looking up at Bruno Ganz in "Wings of Desire"
OR ...

Re: favourite film moments

Postby katsuben » Wed Jun 27, 2001 8:00 am

Are you assuming Marcelo is some kind of autobiographical figure such as the youth in 'I Vitelloni' who escapes the town? Obviously, Marcello isn't in 'I Vitelloni' so I was just wondering if you're placing this autobiographical context into 'La Dolce Vita'. The portrayal of innocence seems pretty important to Fellini and this girl on the beach is some kind of metonym for a simpler existence than the Dionysian characters Marcello hangs out with. I think the film has a little to say about attitudes and difference and something to say about lost innocence. Is it a great film? 'La Dolce Vita' seems to me somewhat over praised. But I'm not all that hip to Fellini. 'Nights of Cabiria' plucks emotively, 'The White Sheik' is good early work (with Antonioni influence), 'Eight and a Half' is clearly more internally revealing of Fellini. . . :)

Re: favourite film moments

Postby gary-2 » Fri Jul 20, 2001 11:16 pm

The final scene from Nights of Cabiria. Teary-eyed Cabiria breaks down the 3rd wall and smiles into the camera. Everything will be okay...
The diner scene in The Bicycle Thief. The attempted bonding with his son... and his futile feeling of giving-up is incomprehensible.
The final scene from Cinema Paradiso... any film buffs love.
The train leaving sequence in The Umbrella's of Cherbourg.
Eva venting on Charlotte in Autumn Sonata.
Multiple scenes in In The Mood For Love.
Every Eric Rohmer film. Especially the final scene in Summer ( Le Rayon Verte).
The newscast sequence in Not One Less.
Every Tarkovsky film.
The final scene in High and Low. The meeting of Gondo and the criminal. Fascinating.
Every scene in The Passion of Jeanne D'Arc.


Re: favourite film moments

Postby john-5 » Thu Jan 03, 2002 4:06 pm

i'm surprised and delighted to see 2 of my very favourite film moments mentioned above, by Katsuben, and Gary2;Anju drowning herself in Sansho the Bailiff,(my favourite film) simultaneously incredibly beautiful and heartbreaking ;also the final scene in The Green Ray/Summer/Le Rayon Vert.i loved the film and that moment anyway,but seeing the ray itself(a very rare sunset-at-sea phenomenon)at Aruba with my wife a couple of years ago was the most romantic moment of our lives-the perfect end to our best holiday,(we didn't imagine it, as i know some people doubt its existence-another happy couple also saw it, an unforgettable flash of Emerald)and has made the film all the more special.
Other favourite film moments;the long peepshow scene in Paris Texas,the beginning and end of The Searchers(though i'm no Wayne fan),the children's moonlit boat trip down river in Night of the Hunter,the Stargate sequence in 2001,the coastal idyll in Pierrot le Fou, Jack Lemmon's exclamation,"Sugar!"when Monroe clambers into his bunk on that train ride made in heaven,the expression on Rosetta's face at the end of the Dardenne brothers'film ...
Isn't cinema wonderful!THE greatest art form when it lives up to its potential.Such moments are the reason i became a hopeless addict of World Cinema,have sat through so much mediocrity:Always Hope, if not always Expectation.

Re: favourite film moments

Postby smurfrevolt » Fri Aug 01, 2003 9:48 am

the fish trying to commit suicide in Amelie.


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